Trailers: Spider-Man: Edge of Time: E3 2011

Spider-Man: Edge of Time: E3 2011

Two heroes must work together as the world and time itself hangs in the balance.

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Looks like a very combat heavy Spider-Man game.

Exactly the thing I don't want.

It's a shame that I have to play Spider-Man 2 to feel like I'm Spider-Man. The webslinging in that game was brilliant.

Meh, nothing new. More rehashed Spiderman games.

Like Daystar said, I don't get why they don't make a Spiderman game like they used to.

Well.... lets just wait and see whether or not they include a freeroaming mode.....

Doubtful but....


Stop trying to copy Arkham Asylum, and do your own thing Spiderman. I'm just saying.

ANOTHER Spider-Man game? Why can't we just have Ultimate Alliance 3 already?!

And why is Anti-Venom a bad guy??

...Come to think of it why is Anti-Venom even in a video game?!?

I will be honest, Yahtzee was bang on the money when he described spiderman games. It's the webslinging that makes or breaks the game, you want to be rushing through new york shooting between the buildings.

The combat heavy feel of this does not stir much within me.

You can never say no to two, agile men in tights.

Srs bsns: again with the combat? Give us web swinging and free roaming. Co-op is always welcome though.


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