Trailers: Sword of the Stars II: Gameplay

Sword of the Stars II: Gameplay

Command tactical battles with fleets of spaceships in Sword of the Stars II: The Lords of Winter.

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SotS was a highly underrated gem.
With Black Prophecy shaping up to be a boring grindfest...looks like I'll be able to get my spacesim fix eventually.

So you're saying there is gameplay somewhere in that trailer?
Couldn't find it. Just some camera panning.
Is this game about filming spaceships in their natural habitat?

Would have liked to have seen some actual combat but I like the set-up well enough.

Is this game about filming spaceships in their natural habitat?

And here...we have the Xthali tender ship...docking with the flagship, after a long and arduous battle[/Attenborough]

Well at least there's a definite interesting variety in ship aesthetics...though again, I have to echo the whole 'there's gameplay there?' sentiment.

For a game that has so many cool visual gameplay elements, I'm surprise they are not showing more. The first one could look pretty impressive with big fleets opening up with volleys of weapons: from big beam cutters, mirv missiles, mass firing point defense weapons, etc.

With a lack of a homeworld 3 and the utter failure of other Turn based strategy games I am super excited about this game.
SotS was a strange game for me because I was interested when it first came out, the reviews were not really glowing but they gave it a general pass as far as quality was concerned. So I tried the demo an the computer kicked my space barges to the curb and I was like, "This is a tutorial? that was an ass-kicking without an apology!". then like 2 weeks later you try again and the computer comes down on you like a bag of hammers and you start thinking, okay whats going on here? then you start figuring things out, combing through the research tree and understanding the economics and the combat...

Then your hooked, So I bought the game and learned it, enjoying it but disappointed that there really was not much meat on it. Then Kerebos just keeps Adding and adding to it. I still to this day encounter new things now and then.

Wish every company treated their games like SotS.

@Slynce: ^ See, now that is a gameplay video to get people interested in a game.

So...while I didn't see a whole lot of gameplay in that video, I know the gameplay is there and I so want this game. Sword of the Stars flew under my radar until just last year buy once I got into I lost quite a bit of time to it. It reminds me a lot of Pax Imperia.

Splashing down now...

The Liir commander stands ready. And thanks for all the fish.

Two words people.

System Update.

so your gameplay consists of a camera orbiting a spaceship...seems boring to me.

Splashing down now...

The Liir commander stands ready. And thanks for all the fish.

Beware the telepathic teleporting giant space dolphins!

No really -

Liir in Close Combat/Boarding Actions:

A Liir in close combat is the most dreadful foe imaginable, unless you have developed specific technology to spoof his psionic and physical senses.

You cannot hide. Your life force and thought patterns are about as subtle as foghorn with a laser show attached.

If you can be "seen" sonically, you can be easily attacked--not only by his weapons systems, but by a tornado of whatever stray objects he has managed to tear loose from his surroundings. Everything under the size of a bread box in your ship is likely to come hurtling at you at the speed of sound.

If he understands the mechanisms which operate YOUR weapons, the tiniest telekinetic twitch can cause them to misfire or explode. The same is true of the tiny flicker of pressure it takes to burst the blood vessels in your brain, which are as easy for him to read sonically as the trail map in a city park.

This, of course, is assuming that he's very calm and being subtle. If he's hurt and angry, he'll get crude and childish--pick you up and crush you to jelly in a telekinetic fist, or batter you into spam against the hull of your own vessel.

Never heard of this game but it looks pretty awesome!
Reminds me of Homeworld... now where are those CD's (CD's!!!!)

So what you're saying is, Winter is Coming?

I like the looks of the new human ships. Looks more advanced than the one's in the first SotS, at least to me. There wasn't a lot of gameplay shown though, if any. Then again I played the first so I can guess how it'll work.

Considering the hundreds of hours I have sunk into SotS I am excited beyond words for this game. Yet even I am completely underwhelmed by this so called trailer. That is of no matter though. I will be getting this game on launch day and spend every available minute there after seeing if Kerberos has made a worthy successor to the best 4x game I have ever played.


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