Trailers: Fruit Ninja Kinect: You Are the Ninja

Fruit Ninja Kinect: You Are the Ninja

Chop virtual fruit with your actual hands in Fruit Ninja Kinect.

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That was so stupid it was actually awesome.

You know, this makes me slightly dissapointed that there's no action/adventure game in which you play a ninja with demonic fruit as your enemies. Kinda like Ninja Gaiden, but with fruit.

I think Kinect found a their calling with this one.

btw, Kinect shows up to me as misspelled, wanna change that sometime? XD

Hmmm, technology used to make mobile phone games for your TV.... I'm not actually impressed by this. There was this game years ago on EyeToy that you basically beat the crap out of a little ninja that kept attacking you. It was fun, but I thought we would have moved on by now. This is a very disappointing use of motion controls at this point.

I hope they got the controls well done to the point that waving your arms all over the screen is not the best solution.

When you need to properly aim at the fruits it can actually be challenging in a rewarding way.

If I had kinect (and a bigger room) I'd actually use my katana for this game :P

Dr. wonderful:
That was so stupid it was actually awesome.

And it's so awesome that it's ridiculous. And so ridiculous it goes back to being awesome.

Geez talk about the early incarnation of Christ.


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