Trailers: Need for Speed: The Run: Gameplay

Need for Speed: The Run: Gameplay

A run from the mob goes from bad to worse in Need for Speed: The Run.

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Need for Speed: Quicktime Adventures would be a more fitting title.

I see they've taken realism and thrown it out the window unless they make cop cars a little different in America, it sure did take a lot of bullets =S

Hahahaha...looks shit. Throwing in QTE's seems ridiculous.

So far E3 has yet to disappoint. Oh... I meant impress. Seriously, what did an awesome series like Need For Speed need to get better? Running? Nooooope! Quick Time events? Noooooooooooope.
What they should do is keep making more Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. Chase people and crash them into oblivion, chase criminals, be chased by cops while racing others. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is the best game they ever made in my opinion. This just looks like a whole series of unfortunate events. Need For Speed should always be about driving fast sweet looking cars.

You know the whole out of car thing was sounding kind of interesting but no qtes. Innovative

Holy fucking shit on a stick, what the fuck is wrong with those devs? How the hell do they go through with an idea like that on this day and age with a presumably straight face? And then put it on the trailer so that this absolute murder of a franchise is shown so everyone knows to avoid it?

Listen. I'm a reasonable man. I hear that the new Driver will let you float around and possess people as a comatose ghost, I say, 'That's fucking ridiculous, but tell me more'. I hear more and I realize it might work quite well, better than what Driver has done so far for on-foot gameplay, so now I'll defend it. So I won't lash out at something because it's different or silly.

This? This is fucking stupid. It's fucking inexcusable. Tony Hawk's Underground came out years ago and it had less skating than the series had had so far. You know what happened to that franchise? IT DIED THAT'S WHAT. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO TO NEED FOR SPEED? DO YOU WANT TO MURDER IT? IT IS ISN'T IT? WELL CONGRAT FUCKING LATIONS, YOU DID IT

It's my fault for like NFS: Underground 2, isn't it? I did all this. I apologize. I may never do enough to wash this sin away. I must now whip myself while kneeling on corn, so that I may begin.


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