Trailers: SSX: Sizzle

SSX: Sizzle

Explore the mountain ranges of the world and pull off death-defying stunts in SSX.

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At leats the stunts will look awesome. Now, some recognizable and funny characters, some colours, and we can have some fun with this.

Hope they keep the Pro control-scheme that was in SSX On Tour, fecking loved that game.

I love the SSX games. BUT EA has pissed me off so much that I am boycotting them AND I think SSX is a series that was good and should stay where it is with no more SSX games.

Mac, Kaori, and was that Elise? Good to see they're using the good characters again.

That video was terrible. It shows nothing about the actual game. Anybody could have made a video of people snowboarding down a mountain. Well, at least Mac didn't have a rifle he was shooting at communists or anything, as everyone was speculating after that SSX: Modern Warfare teaser.

I am going to be all over this when it hits - SSX was one of the most fun series I've experienced and I couldn't be more pleased that it's being revived.

Show me Psymon and Moby and the game will be made for me.



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