Pro-Gamer Gauntlet: Q.uick T.ime E.viction

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Great as usual, but really confusing as to where it is in the story line. Please address this somewhere, either in the video or the text below.

Was explained in the text above

That's the whole point, I shouldn't have to check the comments, it should be obvious in the video, not as a much needed afterthought only after complaint and confusion. I check the comments after the video, which means I was confused during the entire video, which hampered my enjoyment.

I think there was a misunderstanding. I might be wrong, but I am assuming that Penn thought your comment "or in the text below" meant you wanted an explanation in a post below yours, or something to that effect. I assume you were attempting to help the show avoid confusion by suggesting that continuity information be placed in the description under the video on the main page.

Sorry that the confusion over continuity decreased your enjoyment of the video. I've passed your post on to the creator (who probably knew about it before me since he's all over these forums digesting all of the comments, criticisms, and critiques here) so please know that your comment has not fallen on deaf ears.

wow, the guys face when blends the game.

The eyes, the stare into my very soul!

Subtle humor, obvious humor, physical humor all rolled into one little 5 minute package. Keep the great work up PgG Team!

He desynchronized! xD that's the only real fun episode, AC2 rules!

Just a thought, was Starcraft 64 really that bad?

If only free running in AssCreed was that sweet :D

Assassin's Creed style parkour through McDaniel College? I think I've seen just about everything now.

The Starcraft 64 Will it Blend? did make my day, though. Especially the bit about the Zerg rush button.


I'm honestly surprised by the number of people here who don't know what "Will it Blend?" is.

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