Trailers: Luigi's Mansion 2: E3 2011

Luigi's Mansion 2: E3 2011

Luigi's back and ready to capture ghosts and coins alike in Luigi's Mansion 2.

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Hell yes! Pretty much the main thing which made me excited at Nintendo's conference.

My only complaint with the original was you couldn't jump. It doesnt look like thats changed at all :(
Will still be getting it tho since Im sure it will be awesome.

Why is there an Egyptian tomb in a mansion? O_o

Actually, according to Nintendo's rountable, Next Level Games (the guys behind Mario Strikers/Mario Football and the new Punch-Out!!) will be developing Luigi's Mansion 2.

Anyway, I've always thought it would be cool to have a sequel to Luigi's Mansion. Shigeru Miyamoto said he would like to see a sequel about a year ago, and lou and behold, it was so.

I ESPECIALLY love how Luigi explores an Egyptian-like crypt. Multiple mansions means more haunted-theme possibilities!

I also like how Professor E. Gadd and King Boo are back, they're awesome and they haven't really done much of anything over the years.

Edit: someone delete this post, please. I didn't see my other post at first so I posted it again...

I would be excited for this if 3DS games work on the regular DS's (I assume they don't, am I right?) because there's no way in hell Im buying a 4th DS just because it has 3D I won't use.

Finally releasing a sequel to my second favorite Gamecube game. And it's on the 3DS. -sigh- I guess I'll just watch in walkthroughs or something.

Awesome! I feel like I was one of the few that actually liked Luigi's Mansion- as funny and pathetic as Luigi was at times. Might just be that I like slow-paced horror/paranormal games more than platformers, but I enjoyed it far more than any Mario game that I'd played before then.

Damn it! I thought I could get away without buying a 3DS. Oh well, at least I didn't crack for the DSi.


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