Escape to the Movies: Super 8

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The movie is brilliant and a lot more than a simple nostalgia trip. Honestly I wasn't even thinking of all those other movies while watching it. I'm as far from a JJ fan as you can get, and it annoys me when people compare him to Spielberg, but on this one - he nailed it.

I'm starting to wonder in MovieBob is in fact some strange clone of me. I love MST3K and Kung Pow.
Yes I realize that having two things that we both like is not that impressive.

Haha! Love the Kung Pow reference! For a while, I thought I was the only person on the planet who acutally knew about this it. Glad to see that not only tons of other people know about that movie, they freakin' love!


slightly off the movie topic Bob but i believe Smash Bros is also going to be on the 3DS this time around if i remember the press conference =D.

anyway yeah i wasn't all that hyped for this one, maybe its something ill see if it airs on TV in a few years or something.

Green Lantern next week should be interesting

It's going to be on BOTH

err yeah somehow didn't put as well in there =p

I thought the Lens Flare had been a rendering/uploading/exporting error that Bob hadn't fixed yet. It lasted way too long for the humor that it ultimately had. Too much hype and mystery, when that mystery ultimately turns out to be nothing you aren't expecting if you've seen any JJ Abrams movies. :)

First time I heard the Kung Pow Wii U joke... Such a funny movie.

Yeah I never made that connection either... and my sister impersonates Ling's whining all the time.

Honestly I loved Gone Fishing

Every time I saw a commercial for the movie I tried to figure out what the fuck it was supposed to be about, I never could figure it out.

Hooray for the Tanooki Suit!
Wait, was there something about a movie here? Eh, probably won't see it, but it's not like I see very many movies anyway.

I love how you included "wiiu" and "tanooki suit" Bob a nintendo fanboy like me?

Oh lord... you know what the sad thing is? Yhis review is the first I've heard of this movie outside of some teaser-trailers that made their way to Australia and I had to rely on this entirely to have any clue what the movie is about, those trailers give NO information.

Super 8

The embodiment of "not bad."

Watch Video

HAHAHA Thank you so much for making that Kung Pow Joke XD

Honestly I never thought of that about the WiiU (WEEOOOOH) until now.

Concerning the review, I'm kinda dissapointed that the movie doesn't focus on the cover up a bit more.

Darn you Bob! I thought either someone was fooling around outside the window behind me, or that my monitor was going haywire. Then it turns out that JJ Abrams was in the control room blasting lens flare. If bizarre illogical convoluted plotlines are a JJ Abrams trademark, so is excessive lens flare. "Star Trek" was lens flare-tastic.

...I liked Cloverfield. My only real complaint was Abrams obsession with not telling us shit. However in the case of Cloverfield, it a certain extent.

Oh lord... you know what the sad thing is? Yhis review is the first I've heard of this movie outside of some teaser-trailers that made their way to Australia and I had to rely on this entirely to have any clue what the movie is about, those trailers give NO information.

Duh, they were probably designed by Abrams. ......snap.

Just a question. How is Felicity like anything else in JJ Abrams career? I watched it beginning to end, thought it was absolutely excellent, but I don't see any mystery or hiding of things that didn't pay off. It was well excecuted except for that wacky ass last episode arc that came out of nowhere and seemed completely out of genre.....except for it being Felicity going "will it be Ben, will it be Noel" all over again. And that theme wasn't ever all that fake because I know girls that are just like that. So yeah...umm...super 8?

I was worried when I saw the first lens flare, I thought my monitor was starting to die or something. Nice visual gag, Bob. :-D

Yeah, when it was at the bottom right I just assumed it was the light from outside but then when it moved to the middle I was like :O my monitor it has died :(

Also I was expecting him to mention the trailer demo thing on portal 2

Yes Bob, people only make good movies to attack you on a personal level! God knows how they would make any money without the approval of jaded, pessimistic internet reviews!
I love you though Bob, and i love to listen to you complain, it's incredibly entertaining for reasons i can't fathom. You should do a MST3K where instead of making fun of the film, you complain, bitch, moan, overanalyse and deconstruct for two hours, i would pay to see that.
We should get together some time and just have a huge argument over some coffee.

2 movies in one, what could possibly go wrong? Bah, the only real rason I'd watch this movie is for the xeno, and since that turns out to be somewhere between a distraction and a letdown I'll skip it.

Haven't watched the review yet, but interested in what it has to say. I normally wouldn't pay this movie too much attention, but it was shot in Weirton, where my Grandparents live.

I wonder if I'll recognize any of the locations in the film lol

Ok, going to watch now.

WHY.Why would post a comment when you haven't even watched it, its pointless!! unless you were just going for comment no.1, inwhich case i applaud you sir.

Anyways, this moive seems like a family flim for kids as it has kids in it, which i dont like. Therefore in my, bias opionion its shit.

Also, dam u moive bob and your lens flare. i thought i was going to have to return my tv/monitor

All this review has achieved is make me want to watch Kung Pow again. Love that movie.....people should look it up on youtube. :-)

As for Super 8, i have zero interest in it. When films start to screw around with viral marketing and multiple teasers that show fuck all then i know the film will suck. If not suck, then just wont live up to all the excitement they are building. Seems that now we have the tech to show good monsters, directors want to hide them. In the 80's effects sucked, but directors wanted to show the monster. Even if it was a stiff rubber character.

Will watch Super 8 on dvd rental. Now off to watch Kung Pow.

That's disappointing. I really wanted this movie to be good...

wow that lens flare freaked me out for about 20 seconds before I realised it was on the video, I thought that horrible eye problem I had last year was back.

Back ontopic I'm totally the other way to Moviebob, I don't give two rats backsides about the kids, I want grown ups, I want aliens, I really don't care about some punk making a movie (honestly making a movie about making a movie is basically mental masturbation, it's as bad as novels about writers... well maybe not as bad, but close!)

FUUUUUU Bob I've been trying to buy Kung Pow for awhile now as my sister has decided that me stealing it off her all the time is not appropriate. Now I want it even more... :(

I figured as much, knew it was going to be all hype and no substance.

However I want to put this far away from JJ's Star Trek. Thats probably the only movie I will argue with Bob on. It had its flaws sure, but he went on a rail on it. It was a gteat story, great action, great casting. I dont see what he hates about it.

Was like "Ohhh!" when I got the lens flare joke.

This film was kind of getting my attention only by the similarities to the Speilbergian 80's kid adventures movies (they ride bikes, they have a fat kid, I'm gonna assume the phrase penis breath is said?) but if the film itself falls short, I think I can wait till DVD.

wow haven't heard about kung pow in forever awesome movie still awaiting that promised sequal that seems like it will never happen. As for super eight my best thought of that movie was when I saw the trailer for the first time and though it was going to be captain america that was going to bust out of the train for the first 5 seconds. Then I saw kids aliens and Spielbeg and knew it was going to be ET pandering for the new generation. I hate that I was right though. Kinda like winning a box of mud.

I remember seeing an interactive trailer for this is in Portal 2. I have to say, it didn't interest me too much.
*sigh* Yet another apartment space in Nostalgia City.

Wait, what in portal 2?

Anyways, i'm disappointed.

I REALLY, REALLY liked cloverfield, (American version of the original godzilla, with 9/11 instead of the atom bomb, and from a human POV? HELL YEAH!) and I recall Moviebob saying he liked it to (That'd be a good review for a slow movie week), but I guess my hope this would be the same type of thing was misplaced.


First heard about this film from interactive trailer in Portal 2. I looked forward to see it from then on. And I'll still probably do.

Having just left the theatre.. Super 8 ... MEH!! And like Bob I'm the target audience for this. It reminded me of a mash up of a malevolent Close Encouters of the Third Kind and E.T. With all the cinematography of the Chris Columbus films.

I enjoyed it strictly because it was an homage to the movies I grew up with. Without this frame of reference. Not sure it's worth the price of a movie ticket. But that's probably just an old guy talking.

EDIT: Oh ya. Almost forgot. Bob was, if anything, understating the use of lens flares in the movie. So if you've watched the review already as I'm sure most of you have, you'll notice it even more when you sit in the theatre. I sure did.

Am I the only person who knew the flare was part of the video? My reaction was "What the hell? I hope he removes it soon, what's he doing that for?". You certainly made your point at any rate, it was really annoying.

I wasn't too interested in the movie so I guess after the review I'm more interested (since apparently it has some very good parts), but not enough to pay 10 bucks to see it. I'll probably wait until it's on TV or at the library or something.

True, JJ loves his lens flares. I once tried a drinking game where you take a shot every time a lens flare comes up in Star Trek. Needless to say, it only lasted about 2 minutes before someone realized it would straight-up kill us.

It would be impossible to fill the shots that fast.

OT: I am Disappoint.
Well I guess I can only blame myself for getting hyped to see An ET tribute.

"..and sometimes he would drive."

it did have a good interaktive marketing thingey in Portal 2 though. It really scared me

IMO all of this was quite obvious from the trailer already. And I'm not fan of the (as described) first half of the movie either, so I guess it's pretty shit overall, unless you're really the demographic.

When I saw the teaser trailer for this movie (it basically involved the train crashing, the door breaking open and the truck driving onto the tracks) it looked like an interesting movie. As soon as the trailers started to have personality disorder on what kind of film it wanted to be (nostalgia, thriller, government conspiracy), that's where my interest started to die...

I was also turned by the scene when the glass breaks in the story and the shelf stocker gets dragged out of view...recycling Cloverfield footage are we? :P

I enjoyed Cloverfield but I had no clue who J.J Abrams was when I saw it (never seen lost) and Super 8 just seems to draw a bit too much on the standard "don't tell the audience shit" formula.

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