Trailers: Animal Crossing: E3 2011

Animal Crossing: E3 2011

Catch bugs, decorate your house, and explore the world of Animal Crossing on the 3DS.

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It's funny that Animal Crossing is one of the most addicting game out there and you don't actually do much.

Edit: I'll give this one a pass though. Most of the fun of Animal Crossing was having different players and different houses.

I was a big big biiig fan until City Folk. I guess I played too much Wild World and City Folk was almost exactly the same game.

I think the biggest problem was actually the fact that you could import a wild world character. It meant that a lot of the collectibles, furnature, fish, bugs, ect... werent just similar to the previous game, they were exactly the same thing.

Oh and the neighbor dialog was fun but there was only enough of it for about a weeks worth of playtime, then it repeats.


On the other hand Swimming!

Ok. In any other trailer where the only two new feature seems to be swimming and people following you, it would be a letdown.

So why am I freaking out so much? XD I'm actually really excited.
Animal Crossing just has some... strange quality to it that makes even the smallest changes great.

Cant wait. I used to play AC to death when I worked on nightshift, helped pass the time so much.

The curve of the land seems a bit over the top though, looks like I could run right around the world. :p

At first I thought "Oh, cosmetic changes again" and then HOLY CRAP HE JUMPED IN THE WATER WHAT. Also it looks like they refined house decoration yet again. And there's more customization options like pants, and shoes! Dang it, I thought I was over Animal Crossing. Let's just hope the most important thing has been changed: Make the villagers as interesting as they were in the GCN game. Igloos + Tents should come back.

Oooo, you get to swim now. Neat stuff.

And yet, I can't help but feel like I've played the exact same thing before.

Also, the problem with Animal Crossing is that it technically HAS NO ENDING, so you could keep playing it forever, if you're really that desperate to keep you're virtual social life with a bunch of furries in the good.

this could actually convince me to get a 3DS.
now show me a new pokemon game (or remake ruby/sapphire), and i'm sold.

am i the only one who thinks the player characters are starting to descend into the unccany valley?

Well, it sure is an Animal Crossing game...

I really wish they'd scrap the curvature. I much prefered the overview from the Gamecube version. They should bring back cliffs as well. Also, I think there should be a bit more control over how he town looks, such as the river, & house location.
Was that swimmer trying to drown himself?


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