Miracle of Sound: Wasteland Soul (Fallout 3)

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Wasteland Soul (Fallout 3)

A haunting, soulful ballad for the post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 3.

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I watched this before Zero Punctuation. I think that pretty much says it all.

OT: Your songs were great from the start, but I feel like the accompanying footage gets better and better with every video. Do you film the stuff MoS, or someone from the Escapist?

6 months on revisit: It's been about six months since this song graced the escapist with it's beautiful soulful presence.... and even now, anytime I need a song to pick me up in a bind. I ALWAYS come back to this song. This song is nothing short of a work of art. It is beautiful and it always will be, I think. Thank you so much for this AMAZING piece Gavin. It so often makes my days even now in 2012.

Ahh these are really great. Much better than the old Mayes Muses too. Slightly suprised though that its a song about Fallout 3 an no one about New Vegas. Not that I'm complaining

Not one of my favorites if I'm honest, still good though.

What's this? Fallout 3? Oh wait, I guess there WAS a Fallout 3. I'd forgotten it existed since it came out so long ago and I've spent hundreds of hours playing New Vegas.

Definitely a contender for my favourite of your songs. It's simply so soulful. Others may have been catchier, or more totally pumpin', but this is actually a little haunting.

Can't wait for it to be available on bandcamp, and I very especially can't wait for your next one.

It works in your favour that I really, really astonishingly loved Fallout 3.

EDIT : Wow, only when I returned to listen again did I read the description again. I genuinely did not notice that I stole "haunting" and "soulful". Either a coincidence, or I read the description and forgot, and just typed the words unconsciously.

That is the sound I made. Because my brain cannot comprehend the awesomeness.
I think Portal 2, Commander Shepard and Arkham Asylum have been the best so far!

I think the words are better than the song tbh. Sorry to seem mean but the song is a little too upbeat and not really soulful, to me it doesn't really capture the right atmosphere.

I'm glad you choose to make it more like brother clay carmine then the bat song. The more melancholic feel suits the atmosphere better, even if I briefly feared it was a new vegas song at first. Glad you made it on the far better game though, as this is easily your best song yet.

One thing though, for some reason I feel it should have ended with the Lone Wanderer standing next to each other, or back to back in project purities control room. Possibly slumped over, just for the whole sacrifice to save the world theme it had.

That was pretty damn good, Miracle.
Made me sort of wish I still had Fallout 3 so I could see how it plays along side the game but I traded that away for New Vegas. Ah well.

It reminded me of how much I miss playing Fallout 3. I really love the atmosphere. I wish someone would hit me on the head real hard, so I could forget all the content, and play through it all over again.

Nice song, I enjoyed it. I dunno about the video though, for some reason Fallout 3 never really hits me when shown in video clips.

Great song!
Liked it a lot, but at first when seeing the headline, i thought it was gonna be more heavy/rock-like, if that makes sense.
Also, Fat Man for the win. And nice vid, too.
But needs a bit more mods imo :P

Best since the Dragon Age one I reckon.

I don't really go for the epic rock chorus thing but I can appreciate it still. The distorted guitar during the intro was aces. Do you do the mixing yourself?

Before I watch The video, I would like to express my hope that it's a depressive song, and that it has a large brass section mournfully blowing in the back.

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Made my wednesday.

Oh God! He's so wasteful with the mini nukes! He used them on single targets!

Love it!

Still great man.

This contained two of the things I loved most about Fallout 3; The Washington Monument, and LIBERTY PRIME! I love that awesome robot...

Seriously though, this song was awesome. Best one yet.

He's so good that he could write a song about a game that hadn't come out at the time.
"Wasteland Soul
Music and Lyrics 2001, Gavin Dunne
Performed by: Miracle of Sound"

OT: Seriously though, Great song.

Grah! Why the hell did I sell Fallout 3? I want to play it now so bad with this song in the backround!

Dammit, Miracle. You're doing that thing again. That thing where you make me feel like playing games I know I don't like because you make them seem cool. Now I'm gonna go and get my copy of Fallout 3 and put it in my Xbox, and I'm going to hate it but I'm going to keep playing it anyways because I'll have this song stuck in my head.

...Eh, totally worth it.

Great song. He seems to really like using the Fat Man and I can totally relate to that.

Damn,this song literally slapped me in the face and threw some melancholy in as well.

One of you're best ones yet,good job!

I watched this before Zero Punctuation. I think that pretty much says it all.

Me too.
Surprised myself a little there. ZP is the reason I started visiting Escapist in the first place... this was back when he had stopped posting on youtube.

Love the montage. What mods did you use to make it look so sharp? I know that's not bare bones... or do I just need to play it on a better pc?

Also, I never saw Prime do battle with flying vertibirds.

I know what game I'm putting on when I get home.

My new favorite song. Now you just need to record a Fallout album.

I watched this before Zero Punctuation. I think that pretty much says it all.

Me too. I logged in, saw ZP, was about to click and thought, "Oh, a new Miracle of Sound song. Wait. FALLOUT 3?!!" *CLICK*

OT. This actually gave me goosebumps. That's how much I liked it. I can say no more.

Brilliant! Fantastic, Molto bene!

Whatever the Escapist is paying you, it isn't enough ;)

Good job, dude. For a second there I though you were going to re-sing all of the three songs from the game's radio.

Also, you paint a game in a false light. It's actually all about vaults, dungeons and bad shooting.

I have waited for this for ages as Miracle said he was going to do something special for fallout 3 and he deffintly did not disappoint.

The song really has the atmosphere of fallout 3 well done miracle one of your best songs good work


I watched this before Zero Punctuation. I think that pretty much says it all.

Love the montage. What mods did you use to make it look so sharp? I know that's not bare bones... or do I just need to play it on a better pc?

That is DEFINITELY not bare bones, you are right. Looks like someone went to town on the weather and ambiance mods.

I wish I knew about mods when I played FO3. Maybe I would've liked it much more if it didn't look like dirt on my screen at all times. I KNOW I enjoyed New Vegas much more than FO3 because I put a metric fuck-ton of visual mods on it, just to spruce it up.....

I really liked the chorus for this one. Good job!

That. Was. Awesome.

Can't say more right now. Struck dumb by awesomeness.

An Epic song. Keep up the fantastic work! :)

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