Zero Punctuation: Hunted: The Demon's Forge

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Hunted: The Demon's Forge

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Hunted: The Demon's Forge and explains why it isn't Duke Nukem Forever yet.

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Can't say im suprised. Hunted is one of the worst games ive had the displeasure of playing in a LONG time.

Played this game with my freind, Coulden't have opend more dreary. In the first two chapters the only colour was red blood. Everything else was grey/black. Chapter 3 hit you like a brick when you enterd a forest. I was like "WOW green, so their is colour in this game".

Hilarious as always Yahtzee, though for some reason, I didn't laugh as hard as in the witcher 2 review. Ah well, it was cool getting some specific insight into when each video gets made.

But seriously?! DNF ALREADY YOU LAZY TW....ohhhh...nevermine. (I'm so witty.)

Seriously though, great work again Yahtzee.

Wow i actually just saw a vid about DNF and how it sucks if you weren't over the age of 12. Yahtzee's gonna tear it apart or not i guess we just gotta wait :3

NOOOOOO i was looking forward to duke nukem forever, good review though

It seems the hackers' attacks stop long enough for ZP to be posted and viewed.

Obligatory "I was really hoping you'd do Duke Nukem Forever TB!" There. It's done. Otherwise good video as always.

Are those maltesers you're hunting candy or alcohol?

Don't worry about it, you already reviewed DNF like 2 years ago, and that review is still on the mark.

And I can honestly say I never cared much about Hunted and I'm glad it looks/plays/feels like a piece of crap.

Guh. I hate the AI playing characters who seem to have an IQ of minus 1000, as I feel my brains leaking out of my ears as I try to get them to do as I want, slowly feeling my brain cells annihilating themselves amidst the tedium. When you end up feeling like you are shortly going to be just as intelligent as the AI, that's a BAD GAME.

Well it's nice to find out what the timescale these videoes work on is.

I think you have a new thing for this year - "You can but why would you want to". I mean a Gears of War with melee combat just sounds awful and you have my sympathies for actually playing it.

It was also a suprise you didn't actually say the swear that rhymes with 'hunt'. :)

Poor Yahzee, did no one tell him his life is now all champagne swimming pools and gold cars?

what about duke nukem forever.... wahhhh so sad now lmao

Where's the Duke Nukem Forever review?

Seriously though not too bad a review though considering I've never heard of this game and it doesn't interest me in the least.

Don't worry Yahtz, I knew for a fact you wouldn't be doing Duke Nuke'm this week. I was expecting that next week. Unless you can super finish a game then write a script/review of it, followed by a video... its not happening. If you could I'd be hunting you down to burn you as a witch for possessing such powers.

As for the reviews, guess there's nothing much to say. I've already heard how shite it is from other sites and in all honesty it wasn't on my "To buy list". Though your review did give me the good ol'chuckle.

Though speaking of the Duke, have you read the reviews trying to defend the game. Now I'm all for people having differing opinions and such however some of these guys even acknowledge its shite, its just they're trying to justify with some real hilarious excuses like "It's supposed to be shite, its a parody of gaming" and such...

I honestly wish this game will sell well. Maybe then Fargo will get to making Wasteland 2.

Nice to see you get good and angry at something shit. Also loved the stabs at the comments.

I'm pleased that the mcguffin in the review was a delicious cadbury egg. I would go thru mezzanine mazes for cadbury eggs.

I'm surprised Yahtzee has to explain that games that came out a day ago can't be reviewed. I thought everyone would've figured that out by now...

A classic Yahtzee review. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Don't you get Cadbury's Creme Eggs down under Yahtzee?

I bet that first boss fight really bugged you, eh Yahtzee?

What, Did you think I was gone forever?

I could have sworn he explained the whole week-to-play-week-to-make-video schedule at least once before.

Maybe it was in one of the EP articles.

If there are four legged spiders, does that mean insects only have three legs? Are dogs bipedal? Do humans hop around on one leg? Has every snake just been cut in half down the middle?

Ah what the hell. I can't resist. Hit me with preferably not a ban but something heavy.

I just want to clarify... did you really create a comment with the intent of getting warnings tagged onto your account?

I think that DNF should have included the dolphin races and the gun that shoots dogs. It would have made the game a little bit better...

Don't be mad, everyone's just REALLY excited to hear you annihilate DNF (again) can you blame us for wanting to see a shit game professionally torn a new cockhole?

BTW, if the old Duke Nukem review just gets copy/pasted I'll still laugh my ass off.

Sigh... on the other hand i think Yahtzee was drinking or is sick. What ever the case, I will blame the game; Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

i figured that since it has barely a stub for a page on wikipedia and IGN didn't have a review out at least 24 hours in advance that this game was a low-budget B-Movie affair.

Only good one of those was Earth Defense Force 2017.

I wonder if yahtzee will review EDF: Insect Armageddon... looks gamey enough.

Ugh no Duke Nukem? I was waiting all week for it

I hadn't realized inFamous 2 was out yet...since it's been established that next week will likely be DNF so that begs the question of when Alice and inFamous be critiqued!

As for this week, another great show. I remember seeing this game advertised a couple months ago and hating Bethesda for pissing this out when they could be working on a new Call of Cthulhu.

Wow I feel like we got burned in some way. Anyway I knew this game would be bad and I chuckle that the AI is sarcastic.
Man you going to have a field day on reviewing Duke Nukem Forever.

I'm pleased that the mcguffin in the review was a delicious cadbury egg. I would go thru mezzanine mazes for cadbury eggs.

I'm surprised Yahtzee has to explain that games that came out a day ago can't be reviewed. I thought everyone would've figured that out by now...

It was released in the EU and Australia on the 10th. It only came out yesterday in the US.

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