Trailers: Dance Central 2

Dance Central 2

Play with a friend with new two-player mode in this sequel to Dance Central.

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The first Dance Central was a lot of fun, and is probably my favorite Kinect game.

That being said, I really hope that the two-player mode doesn't involve moves that will have you smack into other players.

Also, being able to import tracks from the first game is awesome. I hate having to swap out the discs with my Guitar Hero games.

Yes. It looks fun. and i want to play it. I'll look as dumb as a mule when I'll play it, but still. Something about that Bulletproof song made me want to play it.
But i don't have an Xbox nor a Kinect. Damn.
ALso, what's a Gee Six?

I've never played Dance Central, wish I had :( Reminds me of

"sequel to the #1 selling dance game for Kinect"

that's right, they beat out a whopping 3 games


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