Escape to the Movies: Green Lantern

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Green Lantern

MovieBob is outraged.

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Damn, I was definitely looking forward to the green lantern. One of the few superheroes I never paid much attention to. It would have been nice to see a movie of the green lantern that wasn't garbage.

I was really hoping they would show more of the lantern corps, Ryan Reynolds is a great actor but I wanted to see aliens fight other aliens.

Too bad I'll still probably go see it anyway.

Great review as always but I disagree with you on the film slightly but I am still pretending that if Ryan Reynolds liked the script more then a Deadpool movie then it must but one of the greatest pieces of writing ever.

Speaking of Deadpool, maybe it's time Reynolds went back to Marvel and hope that we can get the man in Avengers II.

I thought it deserved a solid B, actually. I found it better than Thor, at any rate.

Though I did see this in 3D by accident, and I was pretty disoriented the whole time. So maybe I just missed the shittiness somehow.

So Movie Bob, would you say the movie is bad?

...Yeah, and my friends are trying to get me to go see it with them tonight, despite how for weeks we've ALL been saying how horrible this looks (based on the trailers).

So you didn't like it?

Sorry you had to get this, Movie Bob. I have never been a comic book fan, but I know what is to expect something great from a beloved hero and get piss in the face instead with almost everyone phoning it in. It it would help, make a special and go all out on this movie a la Harry S. Plinkett style! 90min special on how much this sucks with every aspect.

I am not a huge comic book fan let alone DC comics, but this movie did not seem to have a lot of promise (to me anyways). I don't know I just kinda had a feeling it would flop. I knew you were building his up in your head bob, much like you did for your cowboys vs. ninja movie or whatever. I don't know, I just didnt have a huge desire to see this.

Well, I admit, I will still see it. I see 3/4 new movies a week, so I generally see the bad ones as well as the good... And I had pretty much no positive expectations for this one... so yeah. I've thought it looked awful from the very first trailer.

You're not the only one disappointed with the outcome. Well good thing I haven't watch X-men First Class yet since thanks to you and the other reviews of it, I decided to watch that next week instead of GL.


Jesus jumped-up Christ, I knew it was gonna be bad from the tagline in the reveiw, but WOW. Just...just WOW. Oh my god. Thank you, Bob, for encouraging me to not waste my money on GL. Apparently, this movie was one of the victims in the Blackest Night, seeing how it's a shambling, unliving monstrosity.

Hmmm, somthing tells me that he didn't like it but I'm not sure. :P

At least Bob explained why he didn't like it, rather then in Transformers just ranting "this sucks this sucks this sucks"

A friend of mine called me to tell me not to go, He was still in the cinema at the time and like 5-6 people behind him were also shouting there warnings as they were leaving.

Shame, that second trailer looked amazing.

well, that's the second comic-book dud of the summer. Thor wasn't as bad, but it was just meh, showing that Marvel can be just as bad as DC with movies (in fact, they might be worse; Fantastic Four '94 and Captain America 90, anyone?). I'm just going to wait until Dark Knight Rises for a truly awesome superhero movie

had a feeling it might be not good. the trailers dint even convince me. looked already cheap to me.

So I take it Bob didn't like it?

Thanks for the heads up

Wow! Never thought to see Moviebob that riled up before. Honestly, I never really cared for DC comic heroes, especially Green Lantern, their just too bland to me. And I never thought this movie was going to do any good anyway.

So , Duke Nukem Forever and Green Lantern, both giant budget projects with years in the making turning out to be giant turds. What a bad week...

I'm So Happy This Movie Sucked! That's For Taking Deadpool's Actor!

Still I don't expect Deadpool's movie to be any better so meh.


Daniel Way SUCKS as a Writer.

Holy crap. I've been wanting this thing to bomb ever since I heard WB hijacked Reynolds away from the tentative Deadpool movie, and then held him hostage to film the Lantern trilogy. I am satisfied. Although still disappointed that the superhero/comic book genre took another huge step backwards by having yet another producer not take it seriously enough.

Oh... well that sucks.

I was hoping that with the evidence of the new Batman movies that Warner Bros. and DC kinda new the formula for this sort of thing.

Strangely enough, while it's gotten shit reviews on rotten tomatoes from critics (21%), the audience has an 80%+ rating on it.

Since I almost never don't enjoy a movie, I'll probably want to see it.

Harry Potter comes first though.

Yeah, I saw the rottentomatoes score and was hoping it was just a whole bunch of critics being to smug for their own good, so I waited to hear from you before I got tickets. Glad I missed out on this obviously shit movie. Sorry you had to sit through it

Outside of anything Chris Nolan directs Warner sucks at making Superhero movies. Mainly due to the fact that the DC Universe outside of Gotham City does not translate well into other forms of media.

Soooo... What are you trying to say here Bob? I'm not quite clear on your stance on this movie...

Okay, I am disappointed. I like Green Lantern. I love the concept behind the Green Lantern mythos. I can even accept the retconned reason why he had that silly weakness to yellow. So this was a movie I was really hoping would be good and looking forward to, despite my reservations. So I am sad that it lived down to the crapfest everyone feared it could be.

Ah well. I'll probably go see it anyway. Hell, if I deliberately went to see Elektra after suffering through Daredevil, I must be some kind of masochist...

hopefully this will scare Reynolds back to deadpool

I know that feel, Bob, when a movie made from a source material you love turns out to be shit. I'm dreading the release of the next Silent Hill movie based on Silent Hill 3.

Oh, well, of all the super hero movies that were allowed to be bad this year, I think GL was one of them. Maybe it soaked up all the badness energy to save Captain America in a heroic sacrifice.

I might watch it eventually but it's low on my list.

I liked the look of this film, but I have heard from other people that they would have rather had cheese graters along their testicles than see this. Waiting for Captain America now!

And after Ryan took the green lantern oath too...

It's as bad as Steel?!

Now Bob, lets not say things we can't back.

Well damn, I was looking forward to seeing a good Green Lantern movie, being a fan of the character myself.

It seems I'll just have to wait a while then.

Damn! I was kinda looking forward to this movie

I just think it's funny how surprised MovieBob seemed. I was perplexed with all his supporting big picture lead-up. I (as well as all my friends) knew this was going to suck the moment the first frame was released.

It's a bad sign when they release the costume and it is universally mocked, then release a new one to apologize for the shitty first one, and it's just as bad.

Not to mention every clip I saw looked horrible from acting to CG. Remember, they put the best parts in the trailers.

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