Trailers: Mario Party 9 Announcement

Mario Party 9 Announcement

After a four-year absence, the latest installment in the Mario Party series is coming to Wii.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the multi-hour time sink and $60 babysitter aid is back...

Before anyone starts complaining, I want you to think about how this affects you.

Not at all? Yep, you're right.

Why do I get that feeling that main characters in horror sequels get when they thought the monstrosity was dead?
I keed, I keed. As Phlakes said:

Before anyone starts complaining, I want you to think about how this affects you.

Not at all? Yep, you're right.

So yeah, not that bothered. And to be honest, I enjoyed the first 3, so maybe a 4-year break will do it some good and it can return to its prime.

Its about time this series came back.

Wii party was no comparison.

Interesting. I like the Mario Party games just because they're an enjoyable diversion.

Then again, aren't games supposed to do that?

What's happening with the board movement looks kind of confusing (What, they're all moving at once?), but damn, those minigames look fun. I haven't picked up Mario Party since 4 came out and Dungeon Duos was the best minigame I'd ever played...

I might actually rent this when it comes out.

Intriguing, but it seems odd that it's for the Wii. I would have thought that they'd release it as a WiiU game.

Not sure if I like the board movement but the minigames look as fun as they were in Mario Party 1 & 2. Hopefully the game will be less luck based like it used to be.

Wait... did I just see Shy Guy as a playable character?

Brb, buying a Wii.

I missed Mario Party. Haven't bought one since 4, rented all the others for shits and giggles, I have a relative with an old N64 who has a copy of 2 which we play every now and again, and I really enjoyed it. Yes, Nintendo milked the Mario Party games, but after a good time away, I think I'm ready for another one.

And I'm predicting a "LOL Nintendo mils there franchises because they suck!" comment in 3...2...1...

i farted while watching this trailer. i had more enjoyment with that than i think most people will have with this rehash

Yay! I was waiting for this. There have been a lot of ups and downs in the series, but at the end of the day, the mini-games are ALWAYS fun!

I honestly wouldn't mind if they would make version of Mario Party using old maps and all the awesome mini-games from all the other games in the series. I want my Mushroom Mix-Up, Etch 'n' Catch, and Leaf Leap all in the same game!

Hmm, the minigames seem more reminiscent of those in the first two games than the gimmicky crap the more recent entries in the series have had. I like it.

Perhaps this can be attributed to Hudson Soft being purchased by Konami. Pretty much all of Hudson's franchises were getting bland, samey, and downright stale. I'm guessing that either Konami's doing it with a different team, or Nintendo gave the job to someone else entirely.

P.S. Thanks

4 year brake is hopefully what this game needed (CoD follow example). But why wasnt this shown at E3 they really need a week to show us?

About time! Looks like they're growing some teeth with their minigames after that pussy foot game that was Mario Party 8.

There was a 4 year break? Then again, the only one I own is 3 for the N64, which would be more fun if I didn't just roflstomp everyone on all of the mini games except a few and the luck based ones.

Goomba bowling? Thwomp dodging?
Now this is looking like a Mario Party game.

I dunno... I still like Dokoban Kingdom over Mario Party now.
Some things look interesting sure. Hopefully this break will be good for the game.

This always comes to mind before the games when I here about Mario Party.

hell yes.


I might get this just because I enjoy Mario Parties (Usually, they have seemed to become less and less fun as they make more), but Shy guy as a playable character might make me have to get this.

Well I'll probably rent it since I have played all the other Mario Party games. While I have to admit that most of the games have been getting progessively worse over the years (this was especially apparent with 8) it's still better to have this over Wii Party. Who knows though, maybe with a 4 year break they can make this series good again like Mario Party 2, 3 and 4 were with some fun, unique and inventive minigames and stages.

This is probably the weirdest complaint that anyone has ever heard, but am I the only one who sorta stopped liking the series once they decided to get MORE innovative? (let me explain)

In the earlier games, there were tons of well plotted out, differently themed boards, each fun and unique in their own way. And almost all of them had the same goal. Get to wherever the star is and pay 20 coins for it. Whoever gets the most wins.

Now, we usually get only one board that actually plays like that, we always have at least one of those annoying boards where you just go in a straight line to get to the star at the end.

Of course every single complaint I could possibly have is instantly moot based on one small point...


Wait...wait....everyone is in the same place, now? D'=

I stopped playing because there were too many instances where my jaded-gamer-skills that obliterated the competition was all for not due to some chance time. (When all your stars and coins went to some 4th place shmoe?) Guilty-pleasure fun for sure, but I hope they finally get rid of such things.


Mario party 8 was starting to show it's age. About time for this update.

But cereasly I it's good to see this series back I really enjoyed the old N64 ones when i was a little person.


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