The Big Picture: Junk Drawer Revisited

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Junk Drawer Revisited

A quick look at a lot of bits and pieces.

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I've always liked these small glimpses into the psyche of MovieBob, so good on you for making another one.

Absolutely loved that movie by the way.

But yeah, good points, I likes :P

EDIT: The china one, not Green lantern, before someone quotes me and flips a bitch

The Dark Knight Rises doesn't have to be another Dark Knight, I trust Nolan to give us a good story.

IF Green Lantern does pull in enough money then there is a chance of a sequal

heard that it's already pulled in 1/4 of it's budget

and there was a scene after the credits that yells "sequal"

nobody thought that duke nukem would be good, just not this bad.
also: not every game can be made better by putting the protagonist in animal costumes, the same way not every game is better by giving it a gritty reboot.

Considering it is as old as it is and is a piece of work of the information age, calling interest in Duke Nukem Forever as archaeological is probably spot on.
Do as many of these as you like since it'll at least hit on these many mini-topics and satisfy anyone who might have held a legitimate concern about one of these tiny topics and anyone left would obviously just be whining.

I'm kind of with you on the whole Nathan Fillion part. It would be cool to see him take on some major role in something in the near future, but it gets a little tiresome when geeks act like they own him.

As for The Dark Knight Rises, I think you mentioned it in your last "junk drawer", and as much as it's probably not going to be as monumental as The Dark Knight, there is still one part of your argument I have a hard time getting. How does Heath Ledger dieing affect how good the movie is? It maybe affects the buzz around it or how people look at it, but it would not have been a less enjoyable movie if he was still alive. I don't believe Rises will live up to the expectations set up by its predecessor, but hardly because Tom Hardy will still be alive when it releases...

I agree with you bob on many points except for marcus in an animal costume because not even that could make gears less boring.

To be fair, a Duke Nukem game would be something to be exited about, a game called Duke Nukem is something else, see what I did there?

I'd say Green Lantern's odds at a sequel might be marginally better than you think because unlike something like Avatar, a lot of the money Green Lantern generates is going to be in merchandise (toys, clothes, etc.) rather than just movie ticket/dvd and blu-ray sales. Of course, I haven't seen the movie and am a little disappointed over how I'm hearing it's turning out, so I may just be underestimating how bad the response to it is out of hope for a good Green Lantern movie.

The only thing I agree with completely is the fact that people really need to see Big Trouble in Little China.

The rest is really up for debate. Like Green Lantern. Just because you found it horrible, doesn't mean it is that. Duke Nukem Forever. Fantastic game, a real blast to the past. But, as you said, perspective. It's basically the first half life game with a shinier engine and everything that was great with Duke Nukem. And that's cool. Nathan Fillion. The man IS perfect to play the part of Nathan Drake, as every part he's ever played is basically Nathan Drake. The Dark Knight Rises. How would you know? Wait it out, man. DC reboot. Again, how would you know?

Wow could you please stop sucking Dark Knight's dick as hard as you are? "last will and testament of this great actor" well then what does that make The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus?

A movie nobody saw?

I have to agree that the dark night is awesome and the second one might not be as good, it's kinda like how everyone compared portal 2 to portal 1.

Also if you could do a blues brothers episode that would be cool :D

I like these insights into some aspects of nerd and geek culture I never seek out on my own, and I usually agree with most of the points made. But there is nothing I've yet seen that will convince me that gaming was better in the days of absolute wackiness. I loved that time, I did, it was hilarious and made perfect sense to me as a kid. And present day efforts to make games more "mature" and "gritty" are, in general, not a good attempt at really exploring the medium in a serious tone, but honestly, no, Gears of War would never be improved by something so silly, because it's got its own silliness in a completely different way and that kind of thing would just be incongruous.

I really want to know, Bob, why game like Gears irk you as much as they do. I understand that you grew up in a golden age of console gaming, I was able to catch the tail end and I know how fantastic it was, I still go back to those old games, especially things like Mario 3. I also know from your "Done with Dark" episode why the grittiness doesn't work for you, and I understand that as well. A lot of present day gritty in any medium doesn't add anything and only takes away from whatever the source material was, but starting a new series like Gears is very different. The entire world is built on a colour palette consisting of brown and grey, but why shouldn't it be? It is worth it to explore this territory, even if it spawns a seemingly endless hoard of imitators when it proves successful. Alright, the writing isn't fantastic, or particularly good, but the game tried something new, and instead of going half-assed, it took a hearty, two-footed leap into uncharted territory which few games are willing to do anymore.


Wow could you please stop sucking Dark Knight's dick as hard as you are? "last will and testament of this great actor" well then what does that make The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus?

A movie nobody saw?

I think you meant a legitimately good movie that didn't need batman's rep to drag a dull and uninteresting plot while riding on the news of one of the actor's death to build hype.

Duke Nukem wasn't bad because the character is a douche. Duke Nukem was bad because the game spends a good 2/3 of its playtime being nothing more than a pile of fan service minigames to people who miss old school shooters, which kinda defeats the whole concept of WHY people like old school shooters. ie. constant violence from beginning to end, not being able to watch yourself lift weights in a mirror and play pinball.

Well, Green Lantern already made some $70 million in its opening weekend if you include international receipts, so there's at least a reasonable chance it will make back the ~$200 million it cost to produce. Include DVD/BluRay/download sales and it's almost a given.

Yay, Big Trouble In Little China shoutout! That movie was simply one of the greatest films I have ever seen. More people need to watch this movie. You hear that fellow Escapists? Breakfastman demands that you watch it!

Also, what is with BTILC and internet film critics? It seems to be a big favorite among them. I mean, Bob brings it up occasionally, Spoony says that it is his favorite film of all time...

Hey I am legitimetely upset that Duke Nukem Forever sucks as hard as it does. Surprised none, but upset.

I saw Green lantern on Saturday, and I enjoyed it. It didn't try to be anything other than what it is: A film adaptation of a comic book. If the first Superman movie had come out this year, you'd probably be calling it tripe as well.

They took the Alien Squid out of Watchmen, but I didn't see you complaining about that too much. They of course had to take it out, because they couldn't lay the proper foundation for it. I find it very odd that you lambasted The King's Speech; and rightly so, for being blatant Oscar bait, but them hated on this film for being nothing more than a good popcorn flick.

Not every game can be Super Mario Bros. 3 or Tetris. Not every movie can be Citizen Kane or Ben-Hur.

WTF what the hell is wrong with Youngblood? I own many Youngblood comics including the first five issues. I like the style, the grittiness, and compared to other titles of the time was a bit more mature.

Must be his whole "The 90's sucked" mindset. I'll grant you not a lot of good came out of the 90's but not everything that was from that decade sucked.

All the heroes Nathan Fillion is perfect to play, he is already playing. Malcolm Reynolds. Captain Hammer. The Holy Avenger.

Fillion is the biggest cheeseball in Hollywood and he is going to continue to keep his rabid fans... well, rabid, by continuing to take cheeseball roles and cheese up the screen. Soak it in and be glad to have someone who's so self-aware and appreciative of his following. I promise the first time he takes a genuinely dramatic role, you're all going to feel betrayed... deeply betrayed. The Majestic betrayed. Just follow my lead and keep worshipping the cheese.

Also, Bob?... SAMURAI... PIZZA... CATS!

The batman trilogy is gonna suffer from the third movie sindrome. People are creating unreseanable expectantions about this movie.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who ever saw the Dark Knight without knowing who Heath Ledger was before going in, but I know this is the Internet where no one is ever alone in their opinions. I sincerely just liked the movie for the movie. I didn't even know he was dead until after the movie was over when one of my friends mentioned it, and I was like, "Who?" and he says, "The guy playing the Joker." And I thought, "Wow, I'm really not interested, but the movie was awesome."

I was kind of hoping to possibly see a sequel to this movie and have it done better... Or better yet, a remake/reboot! And not in the Spider-man sort of way where it made no sense, I mean literally do this movie again and do it RIGHT! Put some actual EFFORT into it! Like the Hulk movie.

...I also recall many other movies, and even video games, boldly claiming to be the first of a trilogy, such as Dragonball: Evolution and Too Human. And we all know how well THEY turned out. :/

I don't even know who this Nathan guy is!

Ah-HA! You finally brought this up! This always bothered me every since you kept calling it the "tanooki" suit and since it was revealed to be so... Like Nintendo completely forgot that it was just the raccoon power-up that did what the tanooki suit now does in this game. Seriously, though, why'd they have to give him the tanooki suit? Why couldn't they just give him the raccoon ears and tail like the old game? Hell, Mario even gets his power from the Super Leaf, what the Hell? Did they get confused or something? I wouldn't be confused at all, if I had been in that position. I guess this would qualify as nit-picking, but I guess it just really bothers me. Luckily, Boom Boom's also in the game, so I'm kind of okay about the whole thing.

I'm not expecting much out of The Dark Knight Rises. Just going to go see it for the heck of it. I really doubt anything will top The Dark Knight, though, everything just worked out so perfectly with that one.

I don't think I've seen that movie... I've heard the name, though.

Think is with DC is that they do this sort of thing ALL THE TIME! They change up everything, only to revert to the way it was. So weird...

I GUESS it's a shame that Duke Nukem forever wasn't any good, but really... I don't care. Not my thing. I was never into Duke Nukem, but I'm sure for the people who've waited 12 years for this game to be made, it's going to be majorly disappointing.

Yeah, Duke Nukem Forever was kind of a wash-out. But I wanted to buy it just to own a little piece of history.

Yeah, pretty much agree with everything said, especially the call on Duke Nukem. Honestly, did anyone seriously expect this game to be legitimately good?

Bob, you missed the point where Duke Nukem 3D had better gameplay than most FPS games made in the past decade. That's why Duke Nukem Forever was awful, not because of Duke himself, but because he was in an awful game.
This also seems to be why Gearbox, Jon St. John and everyone else who worked on the project don't understand why we don't like the game. They keep thinking it's about the main character. It's not, the game has the linearity of a trailer, the depth o a dried up lake and the charm of a decomposing corpse and the gameplay complexity of a stick. That's why it stinks.

Gears of War is great as it is.

Nice episode as always. I did like DNF though. And I don't think we've seen the last of a Green Lantern movie.

Midnight Crossroads:
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who ever saw the Dark Knight without knowing who Heath Ledger was before going in, but I know this is the Internet where no one is ever alone in their opinions. I sincerely just liked the movie for the movie. I didn't even know he was dead until after the movie was over when one of my friends mentioned it, and I was like, "Who?" and he says, "The guy playing the Joker." And I thought, "Wow, I'm really not interested, but the movie was awesome."

You're of course not the only one, I didn't know who he was either or even knew he died.
Though I didn't really like the movie. Not because it was bad, but because it didn't live up to the MASSIVE hype.


I don't even know who this Nathan guy is!
Buy it. Don't even think about it, buy it and thank me later.

Other than finding Green Lantern fairly entertaining and not a personal insult to my very existence (seriously, Steel bad? Overreact much?), I agree with Bob on most counts, and kudos for finally admitting that TDK wouldn't be nearly as worshipped if Heath Ledger hadn't died. I mean, would there have even been a chance of an Oscar nomination otherwise?

The shock with Duke Nukem Forever is that people was curious about what could justify 12 years of development. Turns out there was nothing in it to justify 12 years of development.

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