Editor's Note: Gamers as Creators

Gamers as Creators

Videogames provide a means for creation far surpassing the opportunities of our natural world.

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Even in smaller ways, the art of creation can be of benefit. I spent the spring of 1998 writing a play, for example, and when I got stuck, I'd take a break to build my civilization in the game of the same name. Something about the strategic nature of that game exercised the parts of my mind that were juggling characters and plotlines, while relaxing the other part that was jamming up the works with its exhaustion. I almost always found that after a few hours of Civ, my questions would be answered and the way forward clear.

I agree entirely.
Whenever I am writing something and get stuck, I'll play Fire Emblem for a couple hours, and be able to get back to writing.
The worst for me, is when I am developing characters or back-story, and am unable to link X to Y or come up with motivation for why X would do Y, but after a few episodes of anime, or a few hours of some game (usually Minecraft, Fire Emblem, or Oblivion) my brain will be refreshed enough so I can quickly make up a fantastic link for X and Y, and get the perfect motivation for why X did Y.

My best friend is also the best person in the world to bounce ideas off of, but he's not around all the time :P

I swear I spent more time building a bridge in the canyon of forge world than playing the campaign. Im not even gonna play multiplayer on it its just ... there I guess heh.

i agree with this entirely. in minecraft i build things that cannot be built in the real world for reasons already know and it gives a wonderful feeling when you have finnaly finished your creation and then take a screenshot break it down and build it again into something else, each creation getting more elborate and none could be possible without me or the game. and i have to agree with playing games to get inspiration.
Playing through god of war and alice i was also writing and am still writing a book and god of war has been an inspiration i challenged myself as i tried to describe each fight as kratos and alice danced through there eniemies in imaginitive environments. this proved to be a great way to get past writers block and all i had to do was adapt it to the story.


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