No Right Answer: Wood vs. Yellow

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*first thought* Oh, great. 2 more videos to push Zero Punctuation off the front page center.
*second thought after watching* Well, at least this is better than Feed Dump. I guess there will be "Thinking Thursdays" on the Escapist with this show and Extra Credits.

The wood weakness makes more sense than the yellow weakness, to me anyway. Alan Scott's ring was made by a wizard in ancient times, the wood weakness was a deliberate failsafe to stop the owner of the ring from abusing his power. Anybody with a wooden club could take him down. It's simple and pragmatic and it makes sense.

The yellow weakness is supposed to be psychological since yellow is the color of fear, but the psychological of colors is cultural, so it's not gonna work for every culture (for example the meaning of black and white as colors of death and purity respectively is reversed in most Asian cultures) and the modern GL corps is made up of all kinds of alien races, presumably all with entirely different psychological perception of colors due to everyone's unique heritage.

Hm, no real quarrels with the new series, but it reminds me of a show we had going a few months back. It was the same idea, just a versus of two ideas, and it got like five episodes.

IMO, I don't see this one lasting too long.

Hey wow, a new show that actually made me smile! :)

Well done, keep up the nonsense :D

Very nice show, although comics are the Movie Bob's domain :D

I liked it a lot. You guys are something new to look forward to.

I don't even care about comics and even I am angry that people keep acting as if the color yellow made the Green Lantern weak. It's not kryptonite, their powers just don't work on it. If you tried to stand up to Hal Jordan in your Kill Bill costume or your Bananas in Pajamas cosplay, he would just beat the crap out of you on account of being a fighter pilot, and therefore not only on excellent physical condition but also a trained and high-ranked member of the Air Force. In fact, considering for how long Hal was the Green, I'd say it's statistically certain he did it at one point (silver age = anything you can think of happened, statistically).

Great video, though.

I liked it, sorta the banter I have in bars with fellow geeks...only I'm always drunk so I can never remember them...

All I can say is bump up the image quality of the cut-aways and I'd actually pay for this nonsense...

Ooooh definitely going to watch more. I like you guys, I like the theme of the show, the slightly amateur delivery when delivering from a script (or maybe it's just the pressure of being on camera if it's completely unscripted) is my only complaint, and it didn't remove too greatly from the show. I was still thoroughly entertained, a little enlightened and it had me thinking after the video ended, which is something not many light-hearted amusing shows can do. As confidence and familiarity with the format grows, I see great promise for a long run from this show.

Although, I'd argue burnt wood is no longer wood due to redox reactions that take place through combustion. He'd only be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, maybe cancer if he ate the remains. Yellow would be much more difficult to constantly avoid. I always saw his aversion to yellow as an amusing rivalry between two opposing primary colours.

'Grenades are not made of wood.'

Today, I have learned something new.

More awesomeness to await on the Escapist every Thursday :D

Topic was decent.

A better topic would have been... Supergirl or Power girl, Who'd ya rather?

Im not a fan of the color white, good one

That was pretty good to be honest. Entertaining, right for the internet and different enough from Extra Credits, Zero Punctuation and the Big Picture. Looking forward to even more absurd things to debate.

And in this case, Yellow is better without a doubt, but it's more that both really suck as a weakness

While not bad it seemed as if it lacked some polish but by all means please post more :)

wood - cant fight in forests
yellow - his nemesis is yellow how can he fight him then? 0.0
lol to beat his weakness wood he should carry a bucket of termites......

In short using realistic justifications for entirely fictional concepts is stupid.

If yellow is his weakness, then he'd be a vampire as the sun looks yellowy. There's also alot of yellowness in the world.

If wood is his weakness, then it's stupid.

This show is pretty good. And so is that soda.

I like this show. Will be watching more.

Wasn't there a show in the film festival with this exact premise? Arguing about Rome or something? I liked that one much better.
Not that great of a topic, and you didn't really counter each other's points. You just presented your point completely ignoring the other one, and when an argument ensued you just repeated the same points louder. There's a noticeable discomfort in front of a camera, but that will soon go away.
There's promise here and I'm gonna keep watching, but there's a need of polish. I'm just trying to help.

I enjoyed this show quite a bit. This is a good concept for a show and if you keep find interesting topics, I think it will do well. I know I'll be sure to watch every week from now on.

Maybe it's the wine talking, but this was an awesome show. The Escapist is really reaching dangerous levels of epicness now.

GREEN. APPLE. JONES. SODA?! I LOVE THAT STUFF! gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!

But you have to admit saying that something is evil doesn't make it dangerous. I mean you can't puch somebody with a swastika and they just burn into flames.

Evil is just an idea, not a pyschical manisfestation.

This is a considerably better effort than Drinking Games. Both guys are really likeable, and despite knowing little about the subject I still got a few laughs out of the episode. It's a cool concept, I'd watch it again :)

My nerd-card was really showin' durin' this vid...because i kept havin' to fight the urge to say "It's not the COLOR he's weak's a type of ENERGY that just happens to BE THAT COLOR"! (then i remember that i could be wrong on this since i've only been readin' comics for a short time, and GL is not my focus in such i could be wrong)...

I really enjoyed this, made me laugh a lot. Looking forward to next Thursday!

Topic was decent.

A better topic would have been... Supergirl or Power girl, Who'd ya rather?

Power Girl no contest.

"Ever made a grenade out of bamboo?!"

That had me chuckling for quite some time. Anyway, I declare both his weakness grade-A retarded.

Hey, wow, it's a new show that's actually interesting!

The winner should not be decided by a chugging contest it should be decided by votes.

I await their eventual "who would win in a fight" debates although I also hope they don't do nothing but those.

I never understood the weakness of yellow I mean to make green you need yellow. so he is made of his own weakness.
not bad for a first episode.

The "yellow impurity" is caused by an entity named Parallax, the embodyment of fear, that is entrapped within the Green Lantern Corps' central power battery. The colors don't really relate to the physical spectrum of light.
Plus, Lanterns can overcome the weakness for quite some time now. Really only works as a joke with rookies nowadays.

Alan Scott on the other hand still sucks against wood and it is never properly explained why.

Topic was decent.

A better topic would have been... Supergirl or Power girl, Who'd ya rather?

Obviously Power Girl. At least she never did her horse. Also, who the hell thinks it's a good idea to fly with a miniskirt?

Good concept, but seems a bit rough round the edges. There was actually a show in the escapist film festival that had a similar premise (although with the weirder angle of arguing Dragon age Vs. The Iron age). The decided via chugging was a bit rubbish though...

This debate kind of ended when the Paralax error was removed from the main green lantern battery, and Hal lost his weakness to yellow. Alan still has his weakness, and exploding wooden crates will put him in a world of hurt.

Good episode. This show has a lot of potential.

Okay, I actually rather like this. Basically it makes me think of every argument I ever had with my college roommate.
I will continue watching.


Topic was decent.

A better topic would have been... Supergirl or Power girl, Who'd ya rather?

Obviously Power Girl. At least she never did her horse. Also, who the hell thinks it's a good idea to fly with a miniskirt?

If the flyer in question looks like Supergirl I think it's an awesome idea.

I dont quite know what i watched..... but i didn't hate it. so ...good work!

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