Trailers: The Cursed Crusade: Denz de Bayle Trailer

The Cursed Crusade: Denz de Bayle Trailer

Denz de Bayle enlists in the crusade it find his lost father, another crusader.

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Looks interesting enough. A few air combos would definitely get me hyped though.
This game will probably not have those anyway..

My guess is, at some point, the Hashashin will enter the game's plot.

EDIT: It will probably go something along the lines of the following.
"Hashashin Bastard, you killed my father!"
"No, Denz. I am your father!"

Also, it looks like this will have a far less nuanced depiction of the era than Assassin's Creed did, Templar consiparcy not withstanding.

The game atmosphere harkens back to the original Assassin's Creed, though the overall game feel rings like something even older than that. I suppose we shall see when it comes out, either way it does hold some semblance of interest for me...


Jeff Bridges is or is not your Father.

riding the coat tails of Assassin Creed!

Oh and

wait... if this is the Cursed Crusade I.E Fourth Crusade you should be fighting Byzantines not Muslims.

I know it's kinda pedantic of me and splitting hairs, but shouldn't it be

".... TO find his missing father, another crusader"?


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