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Give In

Your conscience is at odds with your decisiveness.

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"Guy won't stay down after two bullets? Ice the bitch." cracked me up. I actually went back and made sure that's what I heard. Great stuff.

ahahahaha I've never seen LRR before, and this one was hilarious! Perhaps I should watch these regularly too

Lol ice the bitch thats funny though makes you think about the moral choice games alittle hehe. Or just real life choices.

"Yeah, just shoot him." ??? "What, I hate impertinence."

XD Good one. It's how I feel that conscience should be in movies a lot of times.

I liked this :D

Lol....I cracked up. Great job:)

Best episode in quite a while. Loved it!

"What side of me are YOU?"
"I just love to party!"
I love the post-credits bonus scene! XD

wow that got pretty dark at the end but I still laughed, I must be a terrible person.

the horn is what made the stinger!
where do you pull phrases like " ice the bitch" and "zip-e-do-dah ass cracker"?
i have used the second one in conversation

Been a bit slack of late but that was a roaring return to form I just laugh my arse off at ICE THE BITCH.

Multiple Grahams. Guarantees success of any internet video imo. One of the best videos LRR has done for a while.

Lol epic stinger and a epic video as always guys.

Omg. Brilliant. One of your best!
Cut the last 2 and a half minutes of the end. That's my normal decision process.

Was it a pain getting the timing right?

Awesome Video XD

No guy that just wants chips? :p

Ahh... now I'm curious where the TVTropes page for sequences like this is...

Alot of LRR is dross, but occassionally you guys do stuff like this and im in fits of laughter.

the exxtra part was a serious lol for me XD

No guy that just wants chips? :p

Ahh... now I'm curious where the TVTropes page for sequences like this is...


But whatever you do, dont follow any of the links on the page.

Excellent editing, props to Graham!
Great episode as usual as well.

That was just hilarious. When he said "Ice the bitch" I couldn't stop laughing and the stinger was brilliant.

a little late guys

"I just love to party" Hilarious. Also, I'd say it was his evil side, and sinister side. And party lion.

Graham's inner Pinkie Pie. Truly the best part of any Graham.

I wonder what goes through his mind when he cheats on his girlfriend. I hope "good" Graham tries to show up first

The end was HILARIOUS!
And it pretty much sums up my thought process!
Great video again guys. :D

That was probably your best video in a LONG time.

Past few months have been ranging from "Meh" to "Good for a laugh" but this one was down right hilarious. Thank you.

I was totally expecting the punchline to be that the red guy was the "nice" one, followed by a well duh. This was better

hahahahahaha I can honestly say this is one of my favorite LRR videos as of late :]

hehehe You guys are awesome.

Best episode so far!

Graham's inner Pinkie Pie. Truly the best part of any Graham.

Honestly after two bullets i think even his pinkie-pie side would have told him to Ice the bitch.

An entire LRR short consisting of only one actor playing 4 characters (If you count the bonus ending), and it's still great. Okay, fine there was the guy getting shot, but he didn't do that much.

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