Editor's Note: Connecting the Dots for Fun and Profit

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Sad to hear your moving away from your roots. Very glad to hear you will be maintaining expansive written articles though. Keep it up!

I'm looking forward to the change but it's a bit sad to see the old escapist go.

I can understand the change. The weekly issue was looking pretty thin at times.

I still love the articles, but the frustrating thing for me is that I can't find them. I rarely read anything else on the Escapist and almost never watch any of the videos. Now I feel buried in content that doesn't interest me. It would be very helpful to collect the long-form articles on their own page, ideally in reverse chronological order, so that I could look back and find them. I don't like missing out and, with the way things are now, I'm not going to weed through the mess. Please make the thoughtful, text-based content accessible.

I was hopeful, but I see that the features/articles page is dead after all. I feel as though the site has been ruined. Goodbye.

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