Zero Punctuation: Infamous 2

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Infamous 2

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Infamous 2

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Why do game give stupidly generic names to enemies, cities and whatnot? Could they really not come up with a better name than "The Militia"? How about "Team Gonad"?

The whole moral choice/disappointing NPCs I like thing was something that kept me being the good guy in Fallout 3 (most of the time)

Where'd this come from?

The moral choice system... so hard to perfect.

Morale system is always going to be a problem until game writers actually write some hard decisions into the story.

Wow, that has to be the most favorable review I've seen Yahtzee do.
I kept waiting for the big turd covered other shoe to drop and the worst it gets is that the moral choice system still sucks, (s shoe just not turd covered).

So, its basically BS Moral Choice 2: Majora's Mask/ Zero Mission?

I think this is going to be his pick for game of the year.

Wow, that has to be the most favorable review I've seen Yahtzee do.

Except the one for Portal. But yeah I was quite surprised he actually liked it.

Well, they could've made the evil missions easier... And followed them with being gunned down by the army/police/CIA.

Holy crap Batman, I think Yahtzee just said he really liked inFamous 2....I don't know how to take this. I kept waiting for him to say, "Just kidding this game is shit" but it never happened.

Is it just me or did it seem to end a bit prematurely?

I was actually hoping for Alice the madness returns. I feel mild disappointment.

Yeah, moral choices need to make both choices equally possible. Also, Yahtzee, that wasn't a cock you showed, that was a Dick (Cheney)

Game of the year? Maybe. But if Yathzee does another one of those top 5/bottom 5, this is definetly in the top 5. Unless a game in which you play Jesus comes out.

Wow, that has to be the most favorable review I've seen Yahtzee do.
I kept waiting for the big turd covered other shoe to drop and the worst it gets is that the moral choice system still sucks, (s shoe just not turd covered).

Go watch the orange box. THAT is the most favourable review Yahtzee has ever done. Sort of.

Did Yahtzee just reference an internet meme?

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought Evil Cole's powers were shit. Firebird, my ass; Ice Launch me!

And yes, Evil Cole doesn't really make much sense as you're progressing through the story. Though the final Evil mission felt somewhat unsettling, so Sucker Punch can atleast mark that one down as a semi-succes.

Been waiting for this for a while but anyone else find it ironic Yahtzee starts by saying how little attention the developer's get despite never having mentioned the sly cooper series?

But aside from that glad he liked it but surprised he didn't mention how hard it tries (at least in the good mode) to make sure this is the end of things (As opposed to the trust us there will be a sequel ending of the first game).

Also glad I'm not the only one who actually has trouble taking the bad options.

Also I think having the option at the start of the game to choose good or bad and just keep it that way would be a good thing since it would stop Cole having to stay there pretending to take Nix seriously instead of just telling her to shut up anytime she opens her mouth.

What the, he actually enjoyed a game that I also enjoyed? What is this madness?!

Might give it a try.
Maybe the first one too.
Not many games that that good a review from Yahtzee.

I like how finally the good side gets good powers. Though I did find out that if you want to be an evil dickshit after pretending to be a saint in the last game, the shock grenades were great for latching innocent bystanders to the ground so you could deliver them to kingdom come with your giant great fuckoff lightning strikes. (Which you could wreak destruction for approximately 2 miles with if used correctly, just so you know.)

I do think this installment's gameplay has become a lot more energetic, and I'm actually looking forward to getting my details stolen again so Sony give it to me to say sorry enough damn money so I can buy it.

Too bad it's an exclusive, would have bought it otherwise. PC gamer here.

The moral choice system in Infamous pissed me off too. Because it wasn't a choice. I enjoyed running around the city killing civilians. If I wanted my skill tree to actually extend to the best powers, I had to either cut that shit out or be a dick, I went with the second option. Not because I really wanted to, I actually was kinda tempted to be a good guy occasionally, but because the game was all but forcing me to choose one.

Hell, a mate of mine accidentally picked a major evil choice after a mostly good playthrough, which totally screwed him over since it shot him from mostly good to almost entirely evil, which negated most of his upgrades. It's a poor system, which is a pity, cause I'm with Yahtzee on it being the only major flaw. Haven't played Infamous 2 yet, probably won't until I get a PS3.

cole is a little bit like batman in that he is the main character but also the most boring one around.
this is one thing that can be said for bioware, at least they record about half the voice acting twice so i sound like a dick when i am being one.
And why is there never a reward for striking a balance in your karma choices, everything else in life is more rewarding if you manage to strike a balance, salad and steak, apples and junk food, studying and having fun, summer and winter, so why not moral choice systems?

Probably your best review in a long time.
This time I think you really got to the heart of the morality issue, with basically the exact same thoughts as I had when playing Infamous 1. They started of quite good, take food for you and your friends, or leave for everyone. Good moral greyscale. Risk going hungry or risk starving out other people. Then you could, choose to star a fight alone or attack behind a mob. Also good, take all the beatings or risk civilian lives. Then it just got silly. Do good or rape children, basically. And since you had to stick with one option to get your powers, it just got sillier as the game asked the orphan-saving cop-loving hero if he wanted to do things like go necrophilia on your best friends dead wife, or comfort him. Doesn't make sense.
Anyhow, great review.

Wow, surprised by how positive the review was, reminded me of Batman Arkham Asylum's review. But yeah, the moral choices have always been laughable in this franchise, and they should make the evil endings non-canonical like Silent Hill.

Wasn't this supposed to be the 200th episode?

The moral choice system... so hard to perfect.

I think the big problem with the whole "moral choice" system is the meter itself.

Games like this should be more designed to reflect options that you'd actually take instead of just taking it to get more dickhead points.

For example, I might want to do what he asks me to do to get on his good side. That way he may be able to help me out later or spread the word that I am a nice person. Or I can rob his stuff and begone with him.

Or maybe present more "grey" morality. Like in Armored Core: For Answer. The moral choice in that game is rather hard to pick because they're both good in their own way.

Kinda disappointed he didn't notice the achievement that's really a homage/reference to his review of Infamous 1.

Didn't realize this game was already out. Seems like it would be a good buy. Nice to know the moral system is just as retarded.

Oh and I gotta do it.

"OOOO An intact thing!"

In other words its the same as the first game a few flaws but still manages to be good to a nice level of polish. And I do agree Sucker Punch deserves more notice, both of their series so far have been amazing.

Yeah, I wouldn't like to dissapoint Elvis too.

huh, from the looks of it its looking like the whole universe agrees its a good game, which puts me in the awkward position of not really being interested...

I guess its due to the current avalanche of sandbox games that has currently destroyed my interest in them

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