Feed Dump: Criminals & Lawyers

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Criminals & Lawyers

What we can learn from this is that Kathleen should not go into law.

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Coming SOON? We already have a Vintage version of that hat.

personally if i was a lawyer turned into a dog, i'd go back to thank the ones that did it to me.

I wish people would be more tolerant to lactose too :( It must feel so lonely when people are intolerant to it.

Also, I would buy that TF2 hat. Valve! Take my money!

I am seriously wondering where in Ontario this happened now!
because we all know that this thief was not a sophisticated criminal like in Oakville.
EDIT:I shouted dump while I was in Starbucks. Thanks Graham!

Feed Dump has Kathleen, while the Village People are 5 gay dudes, so even if they gave news I'd still go with Feed Dump...

I really miss ENN, but I like this a lot more.

What is Graham talking A-Boat?

The ultimate excuse for skipping jury duty: being dead for five years.

1) We should picket those intolerant of our beloved lactose!
2)Sometimes, other Jews are really embarrassing. -.-
3)The real question is, which five classes would wear those?

That final story was fetish fuel of some sort....

I love this show sooo much...
Also, I actually had heard of 2 of the stories this week. I feel educated

As a Chris that opening was really freaky! :)

Edit: Wow, A lot a Chris's watch feed dump.

Hey guys the Israeli dog story is a hoax.


Don't feel too bad since this wasn't the first place I heard the story.

O.O How Graham know where I live and how is able to listen to me speak! *gasps* So he is my stalker!!

I saw the TF2 joke there, I was hoping that you'd make it, you did not disappoint. This is easily the most amusing show on the site right now, keep it up guys.

I hope i get re-incarnated as one of your hats

Great episode, but now I'm a little bit freaked out... my name is Chris D:

the best thing was the tf2 joke.
also, just how fast are you guys burning through hats at this rate?

when i first heard that story about the dog that was sentenced to death by stoning i thought it might be in feed dump i am happy to see i was right.

I really miss ENN, but I like this a lot more.

You do know you can find it at Penny Arcade.

Now all I can think of is the "Lactaters" at a wedding doing a merry version of the 21-gun salute to celebrate the joining.

Dear god. Thanks, LRR

Hullo Graham! D'you like bread? I've gotta french loaf! *bonks Graham on head with it and runs away* I luv youuuuuu!

Since starting watching Feed Dump I may have developed a small crush on Graham... >_> I think it's the Canadian accent.

seriously freaked me out when you said "exept you Chris", my name is Chris...

Jewish people believe in reincarnation?

Zombies probably don't make the best jurors. Plus, they aren't un-bribe-able so long as they accept cow brains as substitute for human brains.

I would bet that the friends of any members of the village people have gotten knuuwz (er, news) from them, so for those people there is a news source with that hat. Or perhaps the family of an electrician or builder for Donald Trump.

On the one hand, it's too bad the story about the dog isn't true, but on the other hand it was obviously a third-or-fourth-hand description, considering the inaccuracies about the Jewish faith and courts system, so some skepticism was necessary from the get-go.

Nice show I won't make you come back as a dog!

That dog news was quite disturbing. Stoning to death? Really?
On another note, i found this episode funny (well not the part about the dog being killed, duh).

And i would like more hats in TF2. Not for everyone, but just for me.

I do wonder how they manage to stop the dog from running after the stones and bringing them back.
Anyone with stoning experience willing to share their solution?

I really miss ENN, but I like this a lot more.

ENN is still there on penny arcade TV as Checkpoint.

I really miss ENN, but I like this a lot more.

ENN is still there on penny arcade TV as Checkpoint.

was it just my imagination or was Paul drunk/high?

Okay, this show just keeps getting funnier every week... and Graham can read my mind. Creepy.

Didn't get me to say dump but nice try :p Great intro and hilarious show, thanks!

Well Graham, what if some or all of the cast of TF2 did a news show? They have plenty of hats to spare.

OT: This show is getting better and better by the week! Awesome show is awesome. That is all.

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