Trailers: Hard Corps: Uprising: Features

Hard Corps: Uprising: Features

The prequel to Contra: Hard Corps is coming to consoles with new moves and new challenges.

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I think that's the first time I've ever seen "grind" mentioned as a positive feature.

Hasn't this been out for a while? I'm pretty sure I bought this several months back.

Wait, what?
I wrote a review for this game like 4 months ago... :O

The game released on Xbox Live Arcade on February 16, 2011, and on the PlayStation Network on March 15, 2011.

It's been out for awhile already and it's crap.

Its been out for awhile and its absolutely awesome, if you respect the old school heritage of the game - there's no handholding to tell you what to upgrade and when in Rising Mode. Also, there's a considerable amount of new DLC including 2 completely new and different characters available with their own story modes, "talent trees" and so forth.

It's the deal of the week on XBLA, even.


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