Escape to the Movies: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Bob actually has a few good things to say about Transformers 3.

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This film was one step forward and two back.
For everything I liked there was so much more for me to moan and groan about.
But hey Shockwave looked like Shockwave.

Editum: Movie was still a rather big pile of arse make no mistake of my opinion, this franchise could be so much more if they gave to someone WHO CARED FOR THE FRANCHISE.

I.E. War for Cybertron, the game is average, run of the mill, functional but i don't care because they gave it so much character and little nods to the 80's series demonstrating the fact they cared even if the game wasn't all that great.

well, let's see if this thread breaks the record set by the Expendables.

Also, did you cry a bit when Ehren Kruger (yeah, the guy who brought us Scream 3 and Skids and Mudflap) raped one of the most iconic Star Trek lines EVER? The only thing worse than that is Bay constantly exploiting imagery of the WTC incident and even the fucking Challenger explosion. Fuck you, Bay, I hope you get raped by hobos.

This entire YEAR has been terrible for movies. Like Travers over at Rollingstone said, if we had the Oscars right now it would be a disaster. It's like a reverse version of 1982; there's a lot of product being shown at theaters, but it's ALL CRAP (except for X-Men: First Class)

I like Transformers. AND YES. EVEN THE BAYSPLOSIONS. And I like Shia, too.


Despite (or perhaps even because of) the flaws with "Dark of the Moon," I still enjoy it and the live-action TF franchise.

Michael Bay's interpretation of things is by no means the worst thing to ever happen to Transformers.

Still I like how DOtM is angry at how NASA's funding gets cut like you are and to be honest I kind of saw the Sam-feels-useless plotline as Bay's feeling of being smacked around for doing something he admitted to not feeling up to.

But to be honest I like the Transformers trilogy as I leave the cinema but, like Clash of the Titans, my opinion gets lower as I wait longer.

The third one was out?

Damn, I need to get outdoors.

Actually in the Dark Knight it's vice versa which was nice. But the Police (National Guard? SWAT?) takes the back seat in the 3rd Arc and lets Batman take the reigns but I see what your getting at.

This is the only Transformers I'll not see in theater. Thank you Bob. I'll just pick up G.I. Joe instead. Not to say that I was meaning to see this anyway. I wasn't. I have been meaning to see G.I. Joe however so I better get on it.

You know having Shia Laboeuf having a fist fight with McDreamy actually sound like it would be more entertaining than this movie

I am so very sorry, Bob. Thank you for sitting through crap like this so that I don't have to.

So, people who like movies you don't shouldn't be allowed to vote? Wow. That's almost as bad as saying people who enjoy certain kinds of hip hop are a good reason for legalized abortion.

I didn't think it was possible to have this much bile for people who share different tastes than your own.

just want to point out before i watch that it was actually advertised as i pressed play... im not sure if thats going to be too good an idea for it. well done escapist.

but the real question is, is this as good as transformers: the movie?

and is transformers ruined FOREVER?

I've had my disagreements with Bob in the past. I definitely don't agree with him on Cars.

But his voice during the last half...

I'm feeling sorry for him.

*manly hug* It's over Bob. There won't be another one. It's over now.

Please God, let it be over

I am reminded of Bill Hicks's bit-- "People say, 'Don't be hard on the New Kids [on the Block], Bill. They're good kids. They're role models.' When did banality and mediocrity become good examples for your children? They are demons sent to the earth to LOWER THE STANDARD."

And so it goes.

oh bob, you should have known everyone already decided if they were going to watch this movie the moment it was announced. You could have just as easily categorized this under the "making a review is expected but not required" category.

although that plot does sound really bad...

Bob just don't suicide if that movie (Cap. America) does not work. I mean Thor was not goooooood nor was green lanthern (i did not watched green lathern movie, just Thor). Hollywood just wants money, there is still hope outside mainstream movie.

Well... at least they did replace Megan Fox with an actual good looking actress. I mean, i'm still not going to see the movie but... hey, no Megan Fox, it's certainly a pretty big plus.

wow, this was actually a good review, no raving no working out teen issues.

If im really bored on day ill watch some Mlp:Fim on youtube.
If that doesnt work ill look up the fight scenes on youtube for lulz.

Also, to everyone claiming that Bob's suggesting that because you have different opinions you shouldn't get to vote or drive: You are missing the point and the despair of someone who has exhausted his goodwill in order to white knight something that doesn't love you.

Just sayin'.

Well I don't care about story because it has no real effect on me IRL, I won't ever use it again and it's just a fan thing, as long as it can capture as much as possible without making me bored that's fine, but if it goes on forever trying to build up characters and all that and then story nerds and critics insult me for being bored and not liking it, something really stupid has happened. Hence why I like watching the Star Wars prequels for the action and then zoom past the story crap or go to pee. On the other hand in politics anything I can learn will help me so I'm more motivated to do so, anything I can learn in driving will also help me so I'm more motivated to do so, but anything in a story? I won't ever use it again unless it's for some example or something, and the worst part is a bunch of people hate people like me then.

Not saying that Transformers is a good film and that story is stupid, just that I hate it when stories get too complex and I don't enjoy them and now I'm the bad guy for not being entertained by entertainment.

your not alone im tired to.

hey u wanna go see transformer?
no damn it
y not its a good movie
you said terminator 4 and wolverine were good! y am i even friends with u! RAGE!

no matter how much we try to drill sense into brainless mainstream audiences they never listen and the results are irritating (by which i refer to the undeserved large sum that collects in bays back pocket)

I agree with the whole "being tired" thing there, I'm tired of the music industry putting out recycled crap from clone-stamped pop tarts, I'm tired of the movie industry being a lazy sludge of mediocrity and I'm tired of people not understanding why this is a problem. All I can really do is just hope that things can get better.

When Transformers 2 was in theatres, I went to see it with my friends. I knew I would hate it in advance. The tragic thing, though, is that I did not go see 'Drag Me to Hell', a movie I knew I would like by a film maker I respect.

Not this time.

What did Nimoy do?

Fuckin' A, Bob. It's not a matter of elitism or taste, it's a matter of caring where your money goes. People hate paying taxes, but it ultimately benefits them; but some people willingly pay for tripe like this and it has no benefit for them.

I don't care if someone enjoys this movie, I just don't appreciate being called a snob when I say to people I think it's a bad movie.


I'm not going to see this movie. I hope that helps.

Oh common

This movie wasn't a big US military love letter is the other two. If anything this was less of it sense the robots does get some awesome action scene

and maybe the very problem with the movies are that they are based on the first series (which many might agree on that it was just a toy commercial) and not Beast War (which many will say is where the TV series got good)

What did Nimoy do?

He apparently makes a cameo in this film.


I don't care if someone enjoys this movie, I just don't appreciate being called a snob when I say to people I think it's a bad movie.

Well then maybe you can relate to people who don't appreciate when others imply that they are incapable of voting because they like a certain type of movie.

You are, in fact, a snob.

Wait, he didn't like it?

I'm surprised.

Honestly. I saw it last night and enjoyed it.

Can we drop the pretence that we go to these movies for any semblance of plot? We go to them to 3 hours of robots and explosions. I was happy paying £8 for night of splosions.

One thing I do however agree with. Too much military. The movie would have been twice as entertaining had they dropped the majority of the military scenes and had more robo carnage. Although even Bob should have to admit that the building scene was pretty much inception level choreography. That one scene was allv very well put together and I'm impressed.

I actually liked the film...not in any form a classic but for a guys night out B movieish film I would recommend it. I love your reviews Bob, but if you could show love for piranhas 3d i think some understanding for Transformers is possible.

Ah, I was waiting for that.

"If you like this movie, you're a retarded retard who's retarded."

Did nimoy do something?

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