Unskippable: Crysis 2 Part 1

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You know this wouldn't have happened if they had just put their scuba gear on.

The developers of Crysis 2, when told they were being suspected for doing the voice overs and music themselves, replied: "Yeah? So what? Everyone knows gamers are mostly unconscious anyway!"


oh man that got me :p

still, that was a pretty crazy intro tho. def got me into the game...kinda sorta.

Yeah, until part 2, where they randomly shove a TOTALLY UNRELATED intro cinematic into the middle of the tutorial.

Seriously. It happens.

I told him he shouldn't play the "blacking out" drinking game. It's like, totally unwinnable!

[quote="dalek sec" post="6.298305.11837125"]I know that sounds like a joke.....but that's exactly what kept happening in Far Cry 2 (which is dumber? Protagonist being Hungover...or Protagonist having Malaria? That's right Malaria), Crytek's last game, so I assure it wasn't a joke. It was a serious question.

Crytek wasn't involved in Far Cry 2, it was developed by Ubisoft(Montreal?).

I really enjoyed Crysis but I still haven't gotten around to the sequel.

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