No Right Answer: Best Batman Ever

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Best Batman Ever

Using good choices would be too easy. Only the true debaters would tackle these options of the superior Dark Knight.

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I love these debates!

I agree that Val Kilmer was the better Batman... I dare say the best Batman.

No! Wrong! The Animated Series was the best Batman!

Best Batman ever is without doubt Big daddy from Kick Ass.

Nostalgia critic did an episode on the exact same thing. No problem, though, since it's an age old question.

Also Kevin Conroy is the best batman duuuuhhhh.

It's clearly Adam West.

I like the debates but the whole product placement is just getting silly.

Kevin Conroy = Best Batman.

Also, what happens when you guys run out of Jone's Soda flavors?

Y'all are crazy. Adam West was/is the best Batman.

Love the Bat-memorabilia on the Bat-shelf in the Bat-ground.

Adam West is Batman though, chum.

Michael Keaton. Easy answer and no contest. Christian Bale would be number one except for his stupid growly voice that fucks it up.

Neither Clooney nor Kilmer can match Batfink.

...Christ, this was a shitty cartoon.

Have you seen the Jones Soda line up? Running out of flavors won't come until long after they've run out of stupid debates.

For the people who are still shaky on the premise, it's "No Right Answer" so when they debate the "Best X Ever" they chose the two worst examples of X they can think of, so whoever wins is clearly wrong. But it's funny listening to them try to justify those horrible choices.

Nicholas cage in Kickass is the best batman.

Yeah I'll throw my hat in for Kevin Conroy as well. His voice is almost as sexy as George Clooney. Out of Clooney and Kilmer... I'm not sure. But Clooney wins all ties.

It's clearly Adam West.

Blatantly so.

I totally misinterpreted what the title meant. I thought they were going to discuss the different comics characters. Best Batman ever? Dick Grayson. Deal with it.

Also, the only Batmanologist I recognize is Chris Sims, so I call shenanigans on the credentials.

I would have to vote for Christian Bale as the best Batman. Every other movie turned him into a cartoon, good cartoons but cartoons. Batman Begins finally took it seriously.

Wanna know why Kevin Conroy is the best Batman? It's not just because he fits the voice...

He fits the look. Arguably, better than ANY Batman previous or since. He IS Batman, people... accept it.

(And seriously, NRA guys? Kilmer and Clooney? REALLY?)

Michael Keaton had both roles down, he was a frightening Batman.

Rock the boat and say Christian Bale

Kevin Conroy IS Batman.

Whenever I read the comics I hear his voice. I probably should see a doctor, since nothing is playing.

But there is a reason why after twenty years why they keep asking him to reprise his role.

I have to admit I was expecting a Tarantino debate. I'm even watching Reservoir Dogs right now.
Also, Best Batman? Nicholas Cage as Big Daddy. It's like Adam West with a shotgun.
Also, they made a Doors movie?! TO NETFLIX!!! (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)

Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne is forgettable and his Batman is terrible. I can't stand to listen to his Bat-voice. It grates on my nerves so much.

Batman: The Animated Series is my all-time favorite version of Batman. Following that, Adam West's Batman holds a special place in my heart, and Michael Keaton after that. Mainly because I was a kid when I saw the Keaton Batman movies and I still have good memories of them. All the other Batmans that came after him just didn't do it for me. George Clooney seemed too much like George Clooney and not Bruce Wayne/Batman. I don't even know what Val Kilmer was doing.

That said, I do think Dark Knight was one of the best Batman non-animated Batman movies. The others were mostly cartoony, though I feel that Batman Returns was another good representation of the lore. I mean honestly, it's taken a long time for Batman to go a more "srs bzns" route in the comics--A lot of the older ones are just eye-twitchingly bad with the kind of actions and dialogue they portray. So I don't fault the older movies with what they've had to work with. I had to wade through a lot of them to find specific ones that I find worthy of the Dark Knight and his villainous opposition.

I have to go with Kevin Conroy. And Mark Hamill is the best Joker!

As TV Batman's go...

-The 46 Batman had the best costume.
-The 49 Batman Drove a Monarch (a Canadian car), Big thumbs up! and had a kick-ass Robin.
-The 60's Had the best lead actor, villains, gadgets and DANCE!

As for the movies... I got to go with Keaton; Even Clooney says he's the best!

ME!!! That is if I drink enough....then i'm the best damn batman ever.

Val Kilmer is the better overall actor in my opinion, because every role George Clooney does, he's playing himself.

Also, The Saint was an awesome movie, you blasphemer! :P

i am beginning to think that this show is trolling us.... u are arguing witch piece i crap looks better and has the better corn in it

A thought occurs... If there is no right answer, does that mean every answer is wrong?

I enjoy the amusing debates, but I'm pretty sure I paid to become a member of this site to not have to deal with freaking ads in my videos. (well mostly so I could watch videos on my iOS devices, but that's beside the point)

I'm going to make it a point not to buy Jones soda because of these videos (well mostly because it's overpriced sugar water but that's also beside the point)

Whats with the product placement in this? I have started turning it off the second I see bottles.

Adam West was THE Batman. All the other Batmen were crap.

The best Batman?

Terry McGuiness.

Cause Batman Beyond was AWESOME.

Bruce Wayne is the best batman.

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