Favorite Hardware Hacks

Favorite Hardware Hacks

A TARDIS MAME cabinet? Yes, please!

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This was great. I now want to make a steampunk PS3.

These were great it truly is amazing to see people's creativity, I hadn't seen a single on of these, thanks!

While those last two are cool, THIS is COOLER:


NO, not you cooler!

I mean, ah, screw it:

Okay so a Tardis mame cabinet gets all the glory about the boys from chch, New Zealand? They re-created a replica death star control tower over n' over again, due to the quakes messing it up. Yeah I suppose its not really appropriate to put it in, but I'm going to mention it because, it deserves all the glory, well done fellas!


King Toasty:
This was great. I now want to make a steampunk PS3.

I think all that moisture might damage the circuitry.

I appreciated most of that. However, the n64p is bothering me. Not because it isnt a fine mod, but because the article makes it seem as though that thing is one of a kind. Simply put, it isnt. There's portables of almost every console under the sun, and hundreds of them, at that. That particular one is a pretty clean cut example of a very generic n64p. Its nicely finished, but it is large, and not particularly noteworthy. Two great sites to check out are the benheck forums and the Modretro Forums. Benheck is a bit slow these days, but there is still a great community there, and Modretro is booming.

Some nice examples here:

That G-Con 3 mod looks awesome. The scope and paint-job look cool enough

So, the TARDIS MAME cabinet is essentially a whole arcade in a small blue box. Heh.

NES in an NES Cartridge? Leave "Yo dawg!" jokes here.

My favorite hardware hack:

Not my favorite, but I was a bit of a satellite geek in the C-Band days, so I understand a good bit of what she's saying (for once). Violate privacy in the privacy of your own home!

Jeri Ellsworth is teh awesum.

I would gladly sell my soul for the X-Top.

Some of those are really cool, and I love anything portable gaming. I just don't get the reason for a gun PS3 controller, aside from looking cool, the button layout would be difficult for the X and triangle.

Now I wish I had some more time and money.

:D am I the only one who noticed the reference to The Who in the pinball machine portion?


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