Trailers: Civilization World Gameplay - Episode 02

Civilization World Gameplay - Episode 02

Episode 2 of 2kGames' video series explaining the basics of Civilization World, their upcoming Facebook MMO.

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I've played other games on Facebook pretending to be Civ and enjoyed them for a while. I like the sound of it continuosly resetting in 'games'. In my experience it's an impossibilty for new players to surpass veteran players of a strategy MMO that never resets unless they spend a fortune on in game items.

I'll have to give this a try when it's released - I just hope it's not the kind where you'll need 20+ 'friends' playing it to make progress.

But I don't have any facebook friends to join my nation *waaaaaaaaaagh*

farmville-ization ? :P

With Civillization, Prime World, and King's Bounty coming to Facebook, we are seeing a new generation of social games. It might be interesting, though I wish those games did not have the words "time sink" painted all over them.

Am I the first one to cry Settlers?


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