Trailers: LA Noire DLC - 'Reefer Madness' Trailer

LA Noire DLC - 'Reefer Madness' Trailer

Trailer for the next LA Noire's next DLC, available July 12th.

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suddenly, every parent in the world doesn't care about how violent it is, as long as it says that drugs are bad. Hierarchy of concerns ftw? :P

REEFER MADNESS! can't wait for this game to come to pc

Doesn't seem to be much connection (apart from the title and reefer dealing) between this and the excellent "TELL YOUR CHILDREN!!" film
But it would be difficult without moving out of Cole's POV into a doped up teenager driven mad by Reeeefer!!!

You know, people are making fun already, but I take this very seriously. Everyone knows that the L.A. Noire team does extremely thorough research, and I bet that extends to marihuana as well.

In picturing its soul-destroying effects, I believe that no attempt was made to equivocate. The scenes and incidents, while fictionized for the purposes of this story, are likely based upon actual research into the results of marihuana addiction.

If their stark reality will make you think, will make you aware that something must be done to wipe out this ghastly menace, then the game will not have failed in its purpose....

Because the dread marihuana may be reaching forth next for your son or daughter....or yours....or YOURS!


Reefer Madness? Sounds like my weekend.

Meh. I was underwhelmed by Nicholson Electroplating.
*spoiler alert*

A couple of interrogations, one fairly idiotic exploration of a house SOAKED in gasoline. Duh. What did you think was gonna happen? Then just shooting your way to the finish.

That, coupled with the recent stries about Team Bondi behaving like total A$$E$ during development make me less and less enthused about more content, much less a follow-up game.

DLC already... sure why the hell not?


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