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PlanetSide 2

Reveal trailer for Planetside 2!

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Looking forward to this; cant wait to relive the good old planetside days! Shame the trailer wasn't much though... But then again it's just a reveal; maybe the next trailer will wow us?

Really? A sequel? Why did no on tell me about this? Hopeful now, very hopeful.

hmm, I dont know, it looks kinda interesting but its still being released by sony and they tend to like to fuck up mmo type games

They did okay with the original. I think it's a bit of a fail trailer though. The unique thing about thing about Planetside is the massiveness, the continuity and scale. The trailer only hinted at that towards the end

um, I guess there really needs to be a planet side 2, considering the first one had so much potential that was wasted because of SOE. But really? thats what they are going with?

Goggles? Iron sight weapons with hover tanks and everyone has the same suit? I think those ugly purple hover things were tanks?

where are the stealth units? the orbital strikes, mechs, exo suits, and cool vehicles...or even the vast huge landscapes and the high altitude drops of units behind lines?

Don't kill the good idea's because of bad execution SOE...oh well.
I'm putting money on this will also be a considerable failure and money pit even though the MMO world REALLY needs an MMO like this to more more dragon, i'm going to freaking turn into a hobbit so help me...just because WoW is in a fantasy magic/midevil world does not mean every MMO has to have that setting.

double post

Yeah, I can't wait! :D I still play Planetside 1 sometimes, but it's definitely showing it's age.

The thing is, there is no other MMOFPS besides Planetside and WWII Online that's still around. Every other "MMO"FPS are 64 or 32 player instances that aren't MMO at all! In Planetside, you could have over 100+ people per side on a single map. If they can keep that type of scale, with vechicles, it'll be happy even if they make it CoD-like..

I want to play. Planetside 1 was awesome.

I didn't have a decent internet connection when Planetside came out, and wasn't able to get into it later. But I enjoy the concept, and would like to see a sequel. But this trailer is indeed kinda meh. Just a few generic soldiers shooting at each other with assault rifles. The use of different weapons and lots of vehicles and picking your own battles are what appealed to me. This makes it look like every other futuristic shooter out there with a small map where you just run at each other and start shooting. Also, I'm not sure how much iron sight aiming is going to add to this game.

If they keep the same core gameplay and the same scale as the first game, i will pay any price to play this.
The scale is the most important aspect in this game though, if they can't keep the massive maps and huge amounts of players, this won't work.

That was the dullest trailer for a game I've ever seen. There was nothing in there, not the music, not the gameplay, not the graphics, that looked like anything beyond 'generic space marines.'

I'm not saying the game is going to be bad-I have no idea at all. Just that if you have no frame of reference for this game, that trailer gives someone like me no reason to be interested.

Having never heard much about Planetside in general, can someone please give me a short rundown what this game is about?

From the comments here I picked up that it's a MMO and the trailer showed me some shooting.
This gives me a sort of RTS-FPS hybrid idea, how close am I here? About the right ballpark?

It both annoys me and makes me laugh at these trailers showing off impressive walls of soldiers charging through the battlefield, firing their guns whilst walking in a neat line ON OPEN GROUND.

Apparently soldiers in the future like to fancy themselves as Medieval cavalry and/or don't fully understand how guns and ranged combat works.

Planetside was one of the BEST games ever. Glaxy dropship assaults, stealth missions, armoured columns it had it all.

It WAS persistant so dont let others tell you it was not. There was no lobby (Except homebase but no one was in it anyway as everyone was wandering the continents.) there were battles on a scale far exceeding even the most expansive 64 player battles some are TRYING to manage. Outfits of people had the potential to cause more fear than any guild and speaking of which was the Enclave.

"Base secured! we wiped out the stragglers and the continent is ours" (Bare in mind after probably 24 hours)

"Wait a minute!! OH GOD! Enclave troops just broke in the backdoor and are re securing the consoles"

15 Minutes later the battle is far from over and all the retreating troops are now back for vengeance and the attackers are now trying to contain 300 pissed off Terrans!

Fuck. Yes. I can't frigging wait!


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