Tales from the Table: Chapter 8: A Tale of Wanted Adventure

Chapter 8: A Tale of Wanted Adventure

The Adventurers learn what trials they must face in order to defeat Lord Cryson. Their quest will not be an easy one.

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Ok just what does that woman see in him I will never know unless they show it in the future episodes.
Anyway ha "Time is Loot" is a excllent phrase which make me wonder why it hasn't been invented until now.

Did he say "Eat-a-ruptions"?

OT: Good use of the lens effect! Was that a vaselined lens or a computerized effect? either way still good.

I love how they put sooo much into such a short time frame.

Can't wait to see the next episode.

Time is loot? That was genius._.
Nice episode, not enough jokes though the bard was funny:D

oproxr william

Is that a half ork half human fro DoW? O.o

Anyone else feel like their GM is railroading them? Just saying.

I like the horny barbarian "I wear a cup".

There is definitely some high quality effort put into this show. I wonder if we will ever see a behind the scenes...

Anyone else feel like their GM is railroading them? Just saying.

I think it's less railroading and more trying to get them to do anything at all :D

Oh this is a good series.

Alright, upcoming episodes should be awesome. The DM's voice was better than the bard's voice but the bards magic was cool.

Lovely awkward humor. Lovely.

Incredible minstrel-ing, too. Woefully unappreciated. Although sometimes that's for a reason.

I spat my cereal all over my keyboard when the minstrel came...
And "I'm wearing a cup" was just so creepy as hell, hilarious.
That lute or whatever it was solo was awesome.
And again, really looking forward to the next episode.

What do you mean I can't replace Wisdom with Sex Power? That's ridiculous.

"Time is Loot" - I would like to see this on a TfrT tshirt please! :D

Perfectly balanced between jokes and storytelling-keeping it both interesting and hilarious.
Great episode, can't wait to see how this continues

Keep up the good work

Loved it, keep up the good work and make my friday a happy day. I love how the Dm takes the roll of every other character, he is my favorite since he changes so often.

Another fantastic episode, that was brilliant. I had to cover my mouth at the "I'm wearing a cup" line, as it is now 2 am and I dont want to wake anyone. Also, is the barbarian guy actually pretty much illiterate in real life? I wonder if that'll become a point or if it'll be just shrugged off.

I was expecting that to be a joke on Barbarians have the Illiteracy class feature. Well played on avoiding the obvious joke and just making him have a similar intelligence score to a particularly smart mule instead.

their path may not be an easy one but as long as it is full of loot and wenches it will at least be productive btw loved the bard

I have said this several times before, but I feel the need to say it again: This series has high production values and a lot of effort put into it, but coming from a DnD player, it's like watching a train wreck. The acting feels as dull as the actors playing them, the players playing the characters have no depth or realistic traits to relate to at all, and I find the story to be downright boring. I'm sorry, but this is just not that good, guys.

I have to admit I chuckled at the random abuse of slapping the elf's ear off for no reason at all.

Another great episode.
Haters are gonna hate and those with delicate constitutions will feel insulted, tis the way of internets.
The show is like a mishmash of every 'facepalm' I have had playing DnD, tied in with a good story and grate characters.
Funny stuff and can totally relate, definitely shows that you guys have been long time DnD'ers.
Looking forward to the next episode.

I love the elf's ears, they're awesome. How dare that girl hit one of them off! So many laugh out loud moments in this episode. A well rounded, hilarious and story driven episode. Keep up the good work guys!

I am wearing a cup!

best episode yet. laughed my way all through it... almost.

He seemed to enjoy singing the minstrel song wayyyyyy too much. :L

I again enjoyed the scenes within the fantasy world more than real world. I had thought they were about to have a serious chat on Rufus' illiteracy!

As mentioned by others the cup line was priceless. Priceless.


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