The Terrifying Tale of Amnesia

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This was a fascinating read. Congrats on an incredibly well deserved success. I'm so glad the team survived to make more great games.

Game development sure ain't for the fainthearted.

go frictional! Amnesia was a great psychological horror.
I played fear 3 a bit, and I found it a bit unnerving, and in a bad way! This time with scribbled blood making instead of amnesias nice psychological horror.

I remember when I heard about the game for the first time, I really liked the idea. But I had some troubles with the actual game.

At first I thought you'll get different kinds of abominations, ranging from that grunt to enormous room-sized beast.
I actually had this image of a sequence where you run from a Minotaur beast, getting to another room thinking you are safer, but then the thing destroys the wall and enters the room.

But no, you just get that little fella, and at the end it's not that supernatural, it's pal with the main villain!
That was a little disappointing, but it's just one of the few criticism of a great game, If you have doubts about it, you owe it to yourself to play it, bonus points if you play it with your friends at night in a 70-inches TV screen :D

Great read and great game. Glad this game made it out the door, def one of my top 5 games ever. The atmosphere in that game just unsettles you like nothing else. Can't wait for a Machine for Pigs

Amazing how a game that is now a synonym for fear almost didn't exist.
Makes you wonder how many other games never made it.

And yet I've still not played Amnesia


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