Zero Punctuation: Shadows of the Damned

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Shadows of the Damned

This week, Zero Punctuation finds out if the Shadows of the Damned developer dream teams pays off or not.

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yay suda 51 another fun game by them and another great review from yahtzee ^^

Holy shit no way! I loved this game, but didn't think Yahtzee would review it!

I must go and get this game to support this shit.


I'll start on Hard, btw.

This... This sounds amazing. A bit of a clusterfuck maybe, but amazing nonetheless.

"which as game stories go is only slightly newer than 'you have to shoot the thing'"

^ My favourite line in this review

This game also sounds fucking amazing

Why does it seem like most games are never actually finished, they just run out of time and/or money?

First Jim says it is not a piece of shit and now Yahtzee. I am kind of surprised.

Hadn't heard of it, I wanted it from the guys name regardless of what Yahtzee said.
Also best closing line ever, describes every night of my life.

now i know what i should buy instead of DNF

wow there are a bunch of gaming industry references in this video.

never heard of the game, but honestly the part where you talked about the "boner" gun sold me. A 2d shooter segment? Why haven't I heard of this game?

the game legitimately sounds like a nice break from reality and I will be now looking for it even with all it's flaws!

Sounds like a good rental. Get some laughs on the weekend and your done.

The gun's naming scheme made me laugh a bit more than I should have I think...

Ah, sounds like he recovered nicely.

This definitely sounded like a recommendation, with some "you may notice these problems, here". And if I wasn't saving up for the big road trip this August, it might end up on my buy list. For now, I'm gonna see if there's a demo, and how much fun I can get out of it.

Never even heard of this game before. Speaking of "never heard of it," I loved the "interaction" at the beginning with Yahtzee explaining who the guy was...And what he was known for.

They did use a presidential naming scheme, you just don't know enough about Lyndon "let's have a meeting while I'm on the toilet" Johnson. Yes, there was a time America's presidents were a bit more fun - and it even extended past the humorous facial hair period.

Hang on a minute, is that weapon actually called "A big Boner" or is that just Yahtzee being Yahtzee?

It's been awhile for me to have giggled like a manly leprechaun all the way through one of your videos, not to say previous episodes haven't been funny, but this episode had an exceptional touch, superb writing as always!

I heard on another site that the game has the ascetic of a gritty and mostly boring shooter due to EA's influence, the publisher. I'll give it a look, but from what I've seen so far, it looks too restrained.

i too was expecting so much from this game but it turned out to be ass.... and no i didn't have any fun playing it. F*** YOU SUDO!

That introductory bit was hilarious because I didn't know any of those names until you mentioned the game they were attached to.

And the game still sounds like fun although a bit odd, but still fun.

I'm surprised how many people have never heard of it, as a Suda51 fan it was a 1st day purchase for me.
Anyway, the review was pretty spot on. A little short and easy, but a fun ride for sure.

Got to the part where he started ragging on Resident Evil and said to myself "Yep this review is going to suck" and sure enough not a single chuckle excluding the big boner part.

Sounds like this year's Deadly Premonition. Therefore, I MUST OWN IT.

I kind-of expected Ocarina of Time to be reviewed, but I guess that would be pretty awkward, and Yatzee did mention how it keeps showing up like a lunar eclipse.
This has reached "maybe" status, but only because all the other releases that I can get were true let-downs.

Ha you should use that sound effect for asking who [insert name]? again in future episodes but not too often. Mmm it sound like a game I would enjoy since I like Resi 4 and NMH so I would probably get it when the price it cheap.

Definitely going in my rent section. Strapped for cash, quite frankly, at the moment.

I'm surprised how many people have never heard of it, as a Suda51 fan it was a 1st day purchase for me.
Anyway, the review was pretty spot on. A little short and easy, but a fun ride for sure.

'Antiques Roadshow'...?!?!

How BBC a reference can you get?!

I watched a video of the level "the Big Boner" I can honestly say What The Fuck?


I was still expecting sonic colors like you promised us way back in you're iphone games review, How long does it take to make a sonic colors video?

Johnson's gun form is ACTUALLY called 'The Boner'?! I thought that was some kind of joke when I first heard about this game.

Really? You didn't think Yamaoka brought his A-game? Honestly, I feel that he's absolutely great in this one, and certainly able to stretch his musical legs given the fact that he's not stuck doing dreary, soulful, or machine-riddled soundtracks that Silent Hill always demanded. Make no mistake, he's certainly great at that, but if you pay any attention to Konami's music games scene, you'd find he has a presence there doing some more experimental stuff.

I thought the Spanish guitar was particularly lovely.

Also, you didn't bring up the awesome storybooks that gave backstory on the bosses, narrated by either Johnson or Garcia, depending on the situation. I loved those, even if they were unskippable once you began.

I've been hearing good things about the game. The only downside I keep hearing about it is that it's a short game. Worth a rent, especially since it's developed by Suda 51, and I love Killer7 and No More Heroes.

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