Zero Punctuation: Shadows of the Damned

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Resident Evil 4 sucked. It's a real shame that someone who's a fanboy of such class acts like Silent Hill 2 likes that piece of crap as well.

I should enjoy this game, though, once it makes its way into the bargain bin.

shame this game is not available for the PC. sounds like a game you can enjoy if you have nothing better to play.
RE 4 is good??? this game is terrible. worst RE i have ever played. already the bad controls made me hate the game. thank god it was better in RE 5.

Suda didn't direct SotD btw.

Hang on a minute, is that weapon actually called "A big Boner" or is that just Yahtzee being Yahtzee?

Mmmmyep, it's actually called the Big Boner, which you get after another gun called the Hot Boner which can fire a "sticky and explosive payload".

Wow... just... wow. How Freudian can you get?

Also, the concept of someone going into Hell to rescue their girlfriend sounds awfully familiar...

Yeah it was a different story altogether but EA was the publisher; they had to make the game more accessible and give it a "rescue captured girlfriend" story.
Not that you can compare this to Dante's Inferno, not a bit. It's a fun trip, if a bit short and not much replay value.. ok there's the comparison.

Im getting this game for sure! I mean a game where you feed strawberries to demonic baby heads just can't be bad right!?

But seriously, this game looks good. If anything, It seems to be like Mirrors Edge. Play it, because you will never play anything like it ever again, or something along those lines.

Is it just me or is Yahtzee starting to talk slower with each review?

Oh damn...such a great team and it turns out poo? Whyyyy the pain it huuurts~

Oh damn...such a great team and it turns out poo? Whyyyy the pain it huuurts~

He said the game was fun but too easy.

I don't know how that translates to "poo".

heh, you think this game had a dream team devolper, wait untill you see Halo 4's...

Glad we actually agree. This felt like Suda 51 reigned in by EA's leash.

Also, he didn't direct; he was 'executive director', whatever that means. He hasn't directed a game since No More Heroes 1, to my knowledge.

Goddamn I love Yahtzee. I need to find some of the gameplay on youtube now because the 'boner' sounds too hilarious and awesome to truly exist....

After watching a few clips from lets plays, all I can say is: WHAT?!?!?!

Even after you've seen it, you still don't believe it. Yahtzee was not kidding

Do you think they made this game to please Yahtzee?

He seriously likes Survival Horror games, and it is a survival horror game, and produced by the guy that made the good Resident Evil game, Shinji Mikami.
He also loves Killer7, so that means they got Suda51.
He loves the atmosphere in Silent Hill 2 and music is a major part of the atmosphere in a game, so they got Akira Yamaoka.
And it's full of dick jokes, something that Yahtzee also really likes.

Problem with it though is that it's published by the guys that Yahtzee really dislikes, but it might be that they want to get on Yahtzee's good side by making this game.
Too bad it turned out to be a really inconsistent game with nothing really going for it.

The only thing they really missed was not working with the Havoc Physics Engine, since 2 of Yahtzee's games of the year use those (Saints Row 2 and Just Cause 2) as well as Painkiller.

We need another "this game royally sucks" review. Hopefully a review for F.3.A.R. is in the works?

Guys! Remember how we all agreed that Duke Nukem Forever is an immature game where the dook took himself way too seriously and the idea of parody didn't work?

Screw that, here's a gun called big boner. SO FUNNY!

Just watched a interview with Suda 51 here in australia, aparently he gets all his best ideas when on the toilet and he confesses that he avoided doing that for this game...

I enjoy Yahtzee's reviews, but I fail to see how "Resident Evil 4" is the best in the franchise.

In what mysterious alternate universe is Resident Evil 4 in any way hard? You simply do not die that often if you actually react to someone flailing a chainsaw at you.

what's the verdict yahtzee? CAN you play and eat a toffee-apple simultaneously?

I fucking love the slide-whistle in should be used more often but that would probably just make it less special next time it is used.

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