Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Review

I have never being a fan of the Resident Evil games, and this one just looks like some cut down version of the real ones. So...I don't think I'll buy it.

I was tempted to pick it up at first, but now I see that I wouldn't miss out on much if I just kept playing RE5's mercenaries instead.
And not being able to delete my savegame, that's just bullshit. Seriously, Capcom, what are you thinking?

Now if only Capcom had the brains to either patch moving while aiming into Resident Evil 5 I'd still be playing and enjoying the Mercenaries mode on that and then some. After playing Dead Space I can't possibly see why Capcom thought stopping to shoot was a sensible mechanic, Dead Space controls how Resident Evil 4 and 5 should have.

cheap easy game, I'll pass

RE5's mercenaries is really fun, therefore, why should I buy it again?

No thanks. Shooting and combat has always been the worst part of the RE series. It's fine as a mini game attached to a full proper product, but to release nothing but the terrible combat as it's own standalone game just doesn't work for me.

$40 for a mini game that came with a $60 game on consoles? No thanks guys. I don't really enjoy just tossing money into the wind for the hell of it.

$40 for a mini game that came with a $60 game on consoles? No thanks guys. I don't really enjoy just tossing money into the wind for the hell of it.

This is how I feel about this game personaly. It's a bloody mini game that was put in for the console game. It might be fun and all but I don't see myself rushing out to but this game. Maybe if they could come up with a full Resident Evil game for the 3DS then I'd get it.

Where's Leon?????

ya mercenaries was fun but never my favorite idk why anyone would want to play only mercenaries

Never played the original minigame, but it sounds like something that'd be entertaining for a bit, I guess. Still, I have to agree with the whole "40 bucks for a glorified minigame" criticisms. Really, the main reason I'd want to get it is because I like unlocking stuff. I guess it's that same primitive part of my brain that allows Skinner boxes to work so well.

Anyway, I'm wondering how this game is going to do sales-wise. I mean, does their whole "no save erasure" scheme actually net them any profit? Nearest I can see, all it would do is gyp paying customers and retailers. I mean, if I were to get this game in the first place, I probably wouldn't get it until the price went down, and by then, it may be nigh impossible to get my hands on a new copy.

Fair review, about the right score tbh.

That said, I own the game and I love it. (but I always knew I would)

Where's Leon?????

Good question... though it sounds familiar...

Considering that RE4 is being re-released in HD for the consoles, and that has mercenaries,(alongside basically an entire second games worth of additional content), and RE5 had coop mercenaries and was actually quite a lot of fun, this game looks like nothing but an attempt to get money from mugs. Chuck in the fact that its resale value is about as much as a single shoe, I don't think this is worth a buy.

I guess 3DS sucke... I mean, purchasers, will have to do with the rest of their really strong lineup. *Snigger*.

I find it shocking that what is basically a copy-paste job of a mini-game gets as high a score that it does. It's barely even worthy of a single star. The Mercenaries was meant to be a mini-game. An extra. And they think they can get away with releasing it as a full retail purchase? What the fuck? Not to mention the whole single save fiasco. As i understand it, there's no way to reset your unlocks, and second hand purchasers basically get shafted.

I do like shooting things in RE...

But I hate time limits and score-mongering.

I'll pass.


I hate how Capcom's suddenly now thinks that in order to make a RE game, all you have to do is make a zombie shooter with crappy controls. The battle controls were acceptable at first, and the game worked on fewer zombies to create tension when fighting each individual zombie and put time between each zombie encounter with puzzles. Now, its just endless zombie shooting. Capcom is really Completely Missing the Point.

$40 for a mini game that came with a $60 game on consoles? No thanks guys. I don't really enjoy just tossing money into the wind for the hell of it.

This is what I am thinking too. It's a mini game which I enjoyed on both Resident Evil 4 and 5, but paying for that to be a full game is a bit too much for me. I will consider it when the price drops, because an arcade shooter than I can play while sitting on the bus or waiting for the bus is just the reason I've played Street Fighter IV and Tetris as much as I have. I will hold my lust for more Resident Evil for Revelations.


Where's Leon?????

Good question... though it sounds familiar...

I think I almost pissed myself laughing because of that.
Point taken Mr. Syphous xD
Oh God, I have to hear that again.

And yet another game on the 3DS that looks and feels like it should have been a $15 game from the XBL marketplace or PS store...

But it fulfills it's job as a portable time-waster.

I don't have a 3DS, so I guess I'll ask. Are they at least getting fun shovel-ware? The main thing that my friend enjoys on his 3DS is the 3D Pokedex. And I've told him, he's not doing a very good job selling the poor thing.

The problem I had with this review was how it criticized the action in the game when this whole game is a mini-game. A mini-game built around action.


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