Drinking Games: Left4Drunk 2

Left4Drunk 2

Two things can make you act like a zombie: Playing Left4Dead 2 and playing drinking games. Luckily this episode has both.

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I'm starting to like this series. Could be a bit snappier and fastpaced, but very funny and - dare I say it - inspiring. In the alcoholic sense.

"Luckily for you, someone else isn't a screw up." When the blond guy was fighting the witch, made me laugh.

Huh, it kinda seems like most of these are good on paper but rather hard to pull off irl. Most games require two hands at all times and trying to drink is just going to screw you up. How does the tank not just murder everyone if they're all drinking? Guess you could just get a camel back full of alcohol...

Ooh, looks like Escapist finally sent their first shipment of cocaine last week to this project. Like 'No Right Answer' this has also improved. Although not as much, since last week wasn't bad either.

The Left 4 Dead 2 drinking rules sound unfeasible (you'll be that douche who just gets tanked and loses) in multiplayer, but I am totally using those Wizard rules next time I have a Fred Savage jones.

Bonus Wizard rule: every time there is creepy sexual tension between Fred Savage and redhead girl, you get skeeved out. Then take a drink.

I enjoy these. I hope at some point you do one for a game I actually own, but then again I own very few offline multiplayer games, which is what I'd want to have parties and drink to.

It's a minor quibble, but I feel like the theme songs for this show and No Right Answer should be switched. This theme song is slow and brooding, while the No Right Answer theme is much more upbeat and lively.

Nope, sorry.

Still boring, jokes are miss. Glad you're persistent though.

I'm starting to like this series. Could be a bit snappier and fastpaced, but very funny and - dare I say it - inspiring. In the alcoholic sense.

Pretty my feelings about the show as well. My only real compliant are the clanking sounds used for each segment, maybe just cut it down one clank effect?

I've noticed that alot of these games need you to have both hands on the controller to play, that must be hard to play a game like this and drink cause you screw up in it.

But so far I'm enjoying this series and hope it keeps running. :D

Seems like one of those "foam domes" would be a great help for a lot of these drinkiing game,s having to put the controller down to continously drink would be an severve annoyance and liable to get your ass killed.

Also, the PSAs and drinking-game history sections just come across as pointless padding, the former telling people what they allready know with no actual humour, and the latter beign hit and miss at best.

The Wizard drinking rules are pretty awesome. Seriously? Every time that stupid kid says "California"?

I made a drinking game for playing BLM on FFXI, but I don't wanna post it just yet in case they do a MMORPG episode, unless other posters really want to see it.

I'd like to change that rule 228 to "Do not text or call. Unless getting takeaway"

those vids are grrrreat!

also, i really like the drinking safety tips *thumbs up*!

I would use a straw or a beer hat for this drinking game. I think I will try it out at least once.


The shameless product placement rule for The Wizard would quickly lead to alcohol toxicity.

And for those of you who would like to know about a different film released around the same time with the word "Wizard" in the title... Enjoy.

I quite enjoy this series. You need to do one for a game I actually own, however...

But those eyebrows, they're awesome.

Wait a minute, isn't the beardy one from No Right Answer as well?

Cool show, anyway. Now laugh out loud funny for the most part, but rather amusing.

less bottle clinking

I really like your shows. I wasn't sure about the Drinking Game thing since I don't drink at all, but after watching a few episodes, I've got to say they're fairly entertaining.

Good job.

Dan's perpetually cocked eyebrow makes me lol.

And I've never seen the Wizard (due to both me being too young to care when it came out and that it looks absolutely terrible), but if someone were to offer a drinking game like this one alongside of a viewing, I think I'd be willing to sit through it.

Another great vid. Keep up the good work, guys!

P.S. I agree with most of the posts concerning the beer hats. Those should be allowed, especially while playing. Your hands are too occupied with a controller to worry about how much you're consuming for however long.


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