Trailers: Binary Domain Core Weapons MiniClip Trailer

Binary Domain Core Weapons MiniClip Trailer

A trailer featuring the weapons of Sega's Binary Domain

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I think I want to like this game.

However having played and not liked, vanquish was it?, I have no interest in generic third person, cover based robot shooting. Sega really is my poison do not partake label on games these days.

So it's Gears of War with robots? I hope this game has more enemy character models than what I've seen here, because multiple enemy types is what I like in my shooters (or in any game for that matter) and making the enemies with the CoD copy-pasting approach is the best way for a game to collect dust in my house.

The blind-fire seems to work nicely, a little too nicely in fact, but the enemies resilience against deactivation seems to be a good counter to that. Wait and see, wait and see.

It looks like a slow and uninteresting version of Vanquish (which I enjoyed). All the same, I'll wait and see if there's some more variation, openness, or fluidity. Blind-firing had the MASSIVE advantage of not actually being blind, but having a third-person camera...

Insane how new and edgy all of those weapons are!
We built cool robots in the future, but forgot to invent some new killing tools.

Only very slightly unlikely.

Seriously though, these devs appear to have zero original idea's based on the clips I've seen so far. :(

atleast it LOOKS good, still im a sucker for anything with mechs so i am probably going to buy this.

It looks cool, and the zombie robots look like fun, but, EVERYTHING about this game looks like complete recycled arse.


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