Zero Punctuation: FEAR 3

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Fthreear.

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Great totally agree with this one.

hey i was wondering, as a person who plays 50+ games a year, you must have a beast of a gamerscore, so maybe you mention it in an upcoming xp.
not i care much for achievments, i miss unlocking concept art, behind the scenes vids and other extra goodies.

just a thought

i must say that i haven't played and probably never will play this game but at least now i know that there are far worse things i could invest my money in.

Yeah. Co-op campaign was really fun, actually.

I never really got to try all the other co-op modes, sadly.

Team Fortress 2!!!

*takes a shot*

I just played through this game with a friend from start to finish. We were both pretty surprised when we turned the game on and found out that being Player 2 was significantly more awesome than being Player 1 for once. Also I have to agree with a lot of things here. The game made no fucking sense (it's also the only FEAR game I've played), wasn't scary at all, and was ridiculously short, but it was also really quite fun because of the amount of running and gunning they let you get away with. Overall I thought it was pretty solid.

Also fuck that robot. I know exactly what he's talking about and that shit took us forever.

Having not bothered to finish the second I am not all that drawn to this. It's not that I did not like the first one, it was fine, I just have other stuff to do and my co-op go to guy lives too far away now, so I'm out on this one.

Yep, pretty much every horror game is sunk once they add multiplayer.
Nice review, Yahtzee. Pretty damn funny one at that.

FEAR is as much a tactical shooter as Mario Kart is a driving simulator.

How dare you diss multiplayer, Yahtzee! Every game should have multiplayer! I won't even touch solitaire until they patch it for 16 people and I can teabag people who draw aces!

Okay, "mandatory wall romance" and "sliding around on my back like a proactive whore" both had me laughing so hard the guy in the office next to mine felt compelled to come over and ask what was so funny...

I actually enjoyed the FEAR games that I played... when I bought them off of Steam... because they were on sale... I imagine the same scenario will play out for FEAR 4.

And one final thing: wouldn't FEA6 actually be pronounced 'FEEB' (as in, short for 'feeble'?) You might just be a mad prophet, Mr. Croshaw. Will you please let us know when the apocalypse will happen?

Totally agreeing with Mr. Yahtzee this time, single player was so shit that it went into a whole new level of uber-shitness but me and my m8 played it coop and had a right good old jolly time.

lol THI4F? they didn't seriously go with that, oh God.

And when the game is being played by two players, do both characters become faceless mutes? because then it becomes really unfair for player 1 to get a boring character while player 2 is running around with enough chatter for the both of them. And does the CPU character get graded? because that seems a little unfair considering he can't die.

That's the problem with making a single player game with a single player story co-op. The only way it works is if you make both players faceless mutes.

I kept hoping Yahtzee would chime in on TRENCHED!, but I guess that isn't going to happen. Too bad. Such a great game that.

Man when i saw the ending to fear2 i was like" no fucking way man" and the game was like "totally way man, totally".

Team Fortress 2!!!

*takes a shot*


Yeah, that hobo from the RE5 review (

At least you don't have a sidekick like that! (Although you could dock points for his....disturbing.... ince-er interest in his mother.)

Well i never really got into the FEAR series and this game doesn't interest me either, were the previous FEARs any good?

I remember playing the first one and enjoying it immensely. I also remember that it was highly praised and thought of aplenty at the time..., what happened? Sequels in video games usually improve, but then again this series has had a noticeable change of hands in development over the years.

Every time I see a title like this, I take a chainsaw to the nearest life forms face.

hey i was wondering, as a person who plays 50+ games a year, you must have a beast of a gamerscore, so maybe you mention it in an upcoming xp.

Don't forget that he:

A) Plays the games for a few days. Any attempt at hunting for the cheevies goes by the wayside given he's a bit contractually obligated to play enough of the game and crank out the review each week.

B) Only plays games on the 360 if it makes sense (ie. platformers). I'm just hazarding here, but I'm doubting that he plays many FPS's on the 360.

Too bad for this that I recently got L4D2, which settles as my adrenaline-filled horror game niche. I'm guessing that the enemies here are rather slow, since you can OHKO them in the shins.

Team Fortress 2's "socializing" player base these days has changed a bit.

"Stout Shako for 2 Refined!"


"I just got the game for free! How do you get items?"

there needs to be more single player games
everything has multiplayer and if it doesn't the developer has to justify to the audience why. every interview has the question 'does it that mp?' and the guy has to put on a sorry face and say no.
well i don't want mp, paying for xbox live is a con and by time ive got the game at a cheapo price no one is online anyway.
also it hinders the single player content as its shorter, somtimes not as good as it could be and mp has no narative thread, so theres a lack of story.

i prefered the ps2 eara where we got a full game and story to experience and no dlc or mp to worry about.
if i were the same today we would have more games like alan wake / mass effect / batman

Yahtzee Croshaw:

What I guess they originally planned for the series and what I wished they did was not continue the Alma story after the first game at all. Remember, F.E.A.R. is the name of the paranormal government organization that the point man works at, and I think the plan was that each game would be a different "case" or threat the point man (or somebody else) would investigate/shoot in the face. That is what they were planning for the Halloween franchise (the point being that anything could happen on Halloween) but the only time they tried that was the terrible third movie, before going back to simple slasher series.

Like this weeks one, do admit that I lost interest in FEAR after the first game.

But lots of nice metaphors to pick of this review and use in my daily conversations now, many thanks Mr Croshaw.

yahtzee should review Outland next

It's not terrible, but I giggle when someone tries to tell me it's a horror game or that it's fun to play alone.
And I didn't think that robot sequence was THAT bad. I mean, I only have two broken stress clowns from it...

Maybe in the next sequel's box art you'll be faced with Alma's skin cells.

Can somebody please post a link to that robot battle?

Well i never really got into the FEAR series and this game doesn't interest me either, were the previous FEARs any good?

Yes, FEAR 1 is fan tucking fastic, whereas FEAR 2 is complete shit. I've heard people reverse that though, so it's subjective, but FEAR 1 actually had scary bits (rather than the Alma-jumped-on-you-mash-b parts of FEAR 2), an amazing enemy AI (compared to the average-to-shit AI in FEAR 2), and an actual atmosphere. You see, in FEAR 1, you have only a vague idea what's going on, and piecing the story together with laptop files and voicemail messages was fascinating. In FEAR 2, by contrast, (despite Yahtzee bizzarly claiming otherwise, he's literally the first person I've heard say this), you know exactly what is happening, even if the characters don't, so the sense of wonder is gone.

Also, I just want to stress that last point: Yahtzee (yes, I'm going to be that guy), I don't know how you had so much trouble figuring out what happened. Assuming you found even a relatively small number of the laptops and voicemails, the story in the first FEAR got cleared up pretty easily.

Also, note on the game itself, the instant they switched from child Alma to teenage Alma (beginning of FEAR 2) was the instant that the horror went away for ever.

Really surprised that you liked it, but good points. The whole FEAR franchise is really weird to me.

I haven't seen a review this funny in a while. And that makes me happy.

Some great one-liners.

"Fear 3 is like an extremely judgemental Noah's Ark and has nothing but contempt for you if you can't produce a mating partner."

"...once I figured this out I was merrily gliding around on my back like a proactive hoar!"

Funny review, but the game is worst than Yahtzee make it sounds.

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