No Right Answer: Bruce Campbell vs Nathan Fillion

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Um, Castle is on ABC not Fox.

And I'm trying to picture DT as the riddler...And It might be good.

As for the debate, Captain tightpants all the way.

I saw Bubba Ho-tep there in the background, but I guess that wouldn't be fair to Fillion. As much as I like Firefly, well ... Fillion just hasn't had that beyond awesome that is Evil Dead. Or Elvis. By that account I would say that Campbell definitely was the leading man, so perhaps disqualification was actually exactly what should happen!

Bruce Campbell kicks Fillion's ass. Bruce pulled of an old mummy fighting Elvis and Fillion couldn't play the Flash in a lifetime movie.

There IS NO versus match between these two, they simply team-up to create an unimaginable amount of awesome.

Got a lot of respect for this show, it really lives up to the title.

I've never actually seen anything Nathan Fillion is in, only heard about them, so my vote of course goes to the blistering awesomeness that is Bruce Campbell.

I imagine it would be a far more difficult decision if I was familiar with Fillion's work, but I'm pretty sure I'd still swing for Bruce.

Don't get me wrong. I love me some Nathan Fillion but I've been in love with Bruce Campbell ever since he was Autolycus-King of Thieves.

Bruce is so much better, I don't have a problem with Fillion but if he's going up against Bruce I can't even pretend I'd back him.

Best part was the picture of Jeffery Donovan bent over with the text "after a nutshot from Bruce Campbell". Holy crap that made me laugh. Burn Notice with Bruce as the burned spy, though? That would be... Interesting. I almost want to see that actually.

And sure, give Fillion the next Batman movie. Sounds good to me. I still say he has no business doing Uncharted though. Nolan North is Drake, why would I want anyone else?

As for Kyle... Well, you've made Chuck Finley and Mr. Slicey very unhappy. You'd best pray they don't find you. But they will, because it's goddamn Bruce Campbell.

I like both equally but why not a action nerdy buddy picture with both of them as the lead actors?

Awesomeness or what?!

Indeed, I believe the wisdom of the little girl in this commercial can be applied here:

Why not two b-list/"almost" leads combined into one a-list/lead?

First of these videos with a topic that piqued my interest (and I'm the kind of guy who searches youtube for taco commercials), not bad. Maybe try to play it a little straighter? especially started losing it towards the end.

BTW, Nathan Fillion did do porn. PG Porn that is. Pretty funny.

Probably the best episode yet. So hard to choose, but I just swing to Nathan. Just.

I like Bruce, but I (seriously) think that Fillion is a better actor. Plus everybody gushes about what a kind, generous and decent chap he is. A fatherless child in me responds to this vibe like sonofabitch.

I tried to choose between them but I think I ruptured something.

I'm going to take a third option and say Dr. Horrible himself, Neil Patrick harris.

backstory: i love Kingdom hearts

the Kingdom Hearts 2 box fell down in the background and i was like nooooo

but awesome show

Bruce Campbell is the king of the B Movies. There isn't a contest here. I like Fillion, but it's Bruce all the way.


This episode is hilarious as always. Keep up the good work!

My choice is going to have to be Fillion for this. I'm a huge Firefly fan, and I was pretty unfamiliar with Bruce Campbell's work until I saw this video and realized that he was the usher in Spider-man 2.

Hey guys, let's share the love. Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake and Bruce Campbell as Victor "Sully" Sullivan in the Uncharted movie. Worthy of a nerdgasm? I THINK SO!

You guys are great!

Keep them coming

Hey guys, let's share the love. Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake and Bruce Campbell as Victor "Sully" Sullivan in the Uncharted movie. Worthy of a nerdgasm? I THINK SO!

You know what, i acutally could see myself getting behind this.

It'd have be Fillion for me. I think he has a much broader range as an actor.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Campbell (Autolycus! <3) and always will. But I think in being able to make people laugh AND cry, it's gotta go to Nathan.

As if my icon wasn't any sort of clue...

NO, you don't make Nathan play Batman, you cast him as the awesome villain (with Bruce Campbell as Batman, possibly in a "Batman comes out of retirement" film?). But which one? Now THERE's a question with No Right Answer.

Personally, I'd cast him as the Mad Hatter. We have yet to see Tetch in any Batman film, and Nathan could still bring his great combination of humor and badass to the role. And I'd love to see how he would pull off playing a psychotic madman and try to turn Bruce crazier than he already is!

I cannot choose I love them both.

Nathan Fillion is the hero of the interwebs though. So it's nice he 'won'

I always hear a lot of "Let Nathan Fillion be in Uncharted" I really don't see him for that role...

But I do agree that he probably would have made a much better Hal Jordan than Ryan Reynolds (especially since he already played him in the latest animated film and was awesome)

I like seeing Nathan Fillion when I see him, I am a fan of Castle, I think it's a great mystery show. But I watch a lot more Burn Notice and Bruce Campbell is always awesome there.

Also Castle is on ABC, not Fox

I've never actually seen the Evil Dead movies, but I loved Bruce in Xena, Jack of all Trades, and Burn Notice. But I also loved Nathan in Buffy, Firefly, and Castle. Don't make me choose! (Team-up FTW.)

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