Trailers: Saints Row: The Third - The Syndicate

Saints Row: The Third - The Syndicate

The Saints have some new competition in Saints Row: The Third.

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This looks absolutely ridiculous. I so want it.

Awesome, fraking awesome.
Hope they have coaches on this so i can have my 'battle bus'

Every trailer I see just makes me want it more. Been playing Saints Row 2 so much in anticipation of this.

Ah, SR3. The reason we need to cancel the months of August to October just so we could have it in a week.

Never was interested in the others, this I may consider.

If only Mass Effect 3 was released on the same date as this. Saints the Third will be biblical

SR3 overload. Is this level of promotion going to go on all the way until November?

If you answered "I don't want to be Johnny Gat" you are in denial. Just throwing that out there. ;)

Sold. All I was waiting for was solid writing, and that was it.

About to finish Saints Row 2 , and I'm having quite a blast with it !

I really wish you can transfer your character from the previous game to the new one , I'm quite satisfied with my Hector "El Santo" Vengativo , and I don't wanna play as anyone but him ! :(

Saints Row: The Third , Y U NO come in summer ? T_T

Can't wait! Now we know the game's not gonna be just bollocks in the story division so from here on out it's all fun and games :D

And as a side note... i totally want to be Johnny Gat, 'cause the man seems to live through every improbablity he comes close to.

Hopefully the PC version isn't a slow mess like SR2 was. (The interviews claim not, but we'll see.)


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