Trailers: Spider-Man: Edge of Time - Comic Con Trailer

Spider-Man: Edge of Time - Comic Con Trailer

Spider-Man must fight with some familiar faces in both the past and the present.

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That looks pretty cool. I might just pick it up but there are a lote of other great looking games coming out so I might have to wait for this one.

Im not even a spider man fan, but that looked good. But will it beat spider man 2 as the best hero game EVAR?

Oh for the love of God, just make another Spider-Man 2 game already!

Its still lookin' a little Shattered Destiny 1.2ish

As someone who very much enjoyed Shattered Dimensions (and other linear Spidey games, such as those PS1-era titles), I'm looking forward to this game; Beenox have proven to me they're up to the task of making fun and exciting Spider-Man games. Also, this one seems to have a darker, more serious tone to it, which I'm always open for.

yawn. when can we have MUA3 already?


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