Zero Punctuation: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

This week, prepare for a shock as Zero Punctuation reviews The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

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Zelda is so tired by now, even Skyward Sword seems like the same old thing over again.

They should remake Majora's Mask with a decent gameplay and flow, instead of the frustrating mess it was, because the story was there.

Huh. That was remarkably similar to my thoughts, though I still thoroughly enjoyed the OoT remake.

Hmmm... Interesting. This is a game I also never played. Never had an N64. I had an NES. And boy, those graphics were shite by Today's standards. When will people learn that nostalgia is seldom as 20/20 as you think it will be?

Well thank C'thulu I'm not even interested in Skyward Sword then. If they made a remake of Majora's Mask for the 3DS I'm sure they'd make more money but I guess OoT stands good on it's only...I just like MM more.

Good review i guess, never played a Zelda game myself but all my friends are Nintendo fanboys so hooray for me...Hopefully you'll review Catherine next week, Yes Yahtzee?

I agree that the water temple level isn't that hard, for the exact same reason that Yahtzee mentioned. Pausing the game constantly for the iron boots was annoying, but really, that was it. Personally I found Level 7 in Oracle of Ages to be my least favorite water dungeon in the series, because of the painful swimming controls and some annoying backtracking.

Yes, that Robin Williams ad was a bit creepy...

I can't wait till my friend with his giant tri-force tattoo on his back watches this... he may cry.

This is remarkably fairer than I thought it would be, good show Yahtzee. It was also pretty damn funny, witch helps. Though I will never get the L-Targeting complaint that got thrown in by the Escapist guy that reviewed this, neither I, nor anyone I know IRL who played the game, had any trouble whatsoever with cramp or the like due to L-Targeting.
(Also, 'aging well' isn't all about the graphics, you know).

Two points:

1) Even though I'm a massive Zelda fanboy, I have to say I was throuoghly amused by this review (though I know SOMEONE is going to get pissy about it).

2) I liked the Robin Williams ad.

I've never played it either, well besides ten minutes, the poor controls mostly turned me off of it.

I never really cared for this one back in the day and could never figure out why. I guess I missed all the build-up and hype leaving me with just a game that wouldn't go anywhere until I jumped over a stream enough times.

I guess I do agree with Yahtzee on the "bland character/story" front, but then again, if Nintendo tries to give Link even more of a personality and back-story than in Wind Waker, we could wind up with another Other M. And I'd personally rather run around as a boring mute than have another classic Nintendo franchise so badly mishandled.

So this was okay? I found "TP" to be taking its sweet time getting to the part to actually play, this kinda threw you into the deep end of the pool and let you swim. It isn't superior to modern gaming, but it is still good, and for its time it was game defining. Should Nintendo not sell good games of genre signiffigance?

It does seem odd that both Nintendo and Microsoft seem intent on pushing the same games from 10+ years ago (Halo re-release) rather than coming up with innovative ideas but then again new ideas are expensive, reboots are not. Shame as I really liked this game when I was younger but its doubtful it would be enjoyable if I played it again especially if nothing has changed.

Dammit- I think it's my fault that Goldeneye got brought up in this one. Shoulda kept my mouth shut at the Mana bar I guess...

Oh well, seeing as I'm here, may as well explain WHY Goldeneye holds up.

Non-Linear Levels- pretty rare back then, just as rare now. The levels were often built like actual believable layouts, like Thief was, so exploration was rewarding and there were different ways to do everything.

Rambo style sometimes WILL get you massacred- Forgetting for a moment that it was the first to do stealth in a console FPS, it also did it damn well. Even today if you get lazy you will be overwhelmed. You can still barge through guns blazing in some levels, but there's nothing quite like breaking out of a cell, unarmed, finding some throwing knives, and then taking down absolutely everyone in an underground bunker through patience, timing and skill blah blah blah... these days everything's just a mindless corridor.

The best difficulty setup ever done- There was actually a point and incentive to play on all difficulties. Higher difficulties had more objectives, and sometimes new areas. Each difficulty level unlocked a bonus level of its own when they were all finished too. Modern games STILL mostly don't understand that with a higher challenge there needs to be bigger rewards.

offline Splitscreen with four players- We don't care what limitations you have with a console's hardware, if goldeneye could do it with the 64's measly hardware, you can do it today. I'd go further and say any shooter that doesn't have multiplayer bots like Perfect Dark brought is a step backwards, too. What the hell, Killzone 3? what were you thinking, COD: WAW?

massive arsenal of guns that had real weight to them- I'm not saying all modern games do this but a lot of games make the guns a bit lacking in punch. Even tiny pistols in Goldeneye slide back and bark loudly as the shell pops out in front of a decent muzzle flash as you aimed exactly where you wanted to shoot with your own targeting, not some PC style crosshair trying to work on a controller. And there were more than thirty weapons! and you could carry them all at the same time! Why did you do this to us, Halo? And what the hell, DNF?

No handholding- You got your brief, heard you're objectives, and were thrown in to work it out for yourself. One thing that drove me insane in nearly every Bond game since is the fact that when Bond is out doing a mission, the entire staff of MI6 is listening and offering so called 'advice' all the time, like saying "That vent, 007!!!" as I am facing a very obvious large vent that is filling my screen. A lot of modern games guilty of this one especially.

cheats- Do I really have to explain this one? It's simple- complete a certain mission, on a certain difficulty, in a certain time, and you get a fun reward. Playing with cheats will not unlock the next level/bonus/whatever. It's simple, it's foolproof. It's fun. Thank god Timesplitters continued much of this legacy.

TL:DR- Oh just watch this then- it explains it all.

Bottom line is -and I can't believe I have to tell you this Yahtzee- good games aren't just about graphics. Sure the 64 is old and had simpler games in its time, but that just allowed devs to get more done right (in principle, anyway. Nobody forgets Superman 64). There are many 'best game of X console' discussions out there, but it's the N64 that gets the most debate about which of it's games where the best game of all time.

Tell you what though, you were right about the fish offering in OOT. Took me weeks to figure that stupid logic out. And I had never played a zelda game before last year either.

Woo! Other people do exist who haven't finished OoT and thought it was Obtuse. Glad I'm not the only one. I did finish both Majora's Mask and Wind Waker, but never could make it through OoT.

Nice review, Yahtzee.

i was hoping he would review Trenched and Outland as a double review

Well, he went through a Nintendo review without resorting to all the same jokes he makes through each Nintendo review he ever does. Only most of them, which thankfully were relevant to the game itself.

Still, he did have a point on the whole Skyward Sword thing. And thank you, someone agrees that the Water Temple isn't hard. It's annoying. Very VERY annoying. But not hard.

I'm completely fine with more yiffing. That was a flaw?

I always feel slightly guilty admitting this, because I've never experienced the Legend of Zelda games for myself. For some reason, I never wanted to, and Yathzee's review certainly didn't change that.

Gave it a quick go on my cousins 3ds, its okay but be warned it isn't going to be that magical game that justifies you spending all your cash on a brand new 3ds. It hasn't aged well and I wholeheartedly agree with Yahtzee on this one.

I can't say I've played the 3DS version and it is true that the only Zelda game I've played since OoT was Majora's Mask and Phantom Hourglass but perhaps because of that I still had a grand old time replaying it on the N64 once I decided against buying a 3DS.

Of course it's true that there's less things in this game than the other Zeldas, but at it's time OoT was a freaking masterpiece. Surely you remember what other RPG's/puzzle games were like back then? It stood out like a glazed gold statue of Christina Hendricks in a lake filled of the crap that was the alternatives. It was a massive stand out at the time in the same way that Golden Eye, Starcraft and Half-Life were.

Also the only part I found hard about the Water Temple was finding out about the room under that floating stepping stone in the center room. I needed to consult an FAQ for that one.

Still a funny review Yahtzee and I agree about Nintendo kind of kicking themselves in foot with this somewhat, though I'm sure it'll still make bucket loads of money.

Am I the only one who bust out laughing when he pointed out the way his name choice caused Navi to say, "Fuck me, it's cold in here!"

Granted, I am sleep deprived, but as someone who played OoT religiously as a preteen in the N64 days, I find that damn funny.

i think i should dig out my n64 just to see if Ocarina of Time is as good as i remember it to be

I laughed out loud this week.

Good job.

Having never owned a N64 either I sort of missed out on the whole OoT thing, so of course the idea of playing the same game but on a smaller screen doesn't seem to appealing when I can just ask a friend if I can play the original but on a bigger screen. Furthermore, why are the two major games for the 3DS both remakes that take vast amounts of time to complete (OoT and Snake Eater)? One would think that if it takes that much time to complete the game, you might as well play it on a home console, not a handheld.

Also just curious, when there was that picture of OoT on the winner's podium thing, while I recognised the second place game as Fantasy World Dizzy, what was the game in third place?

"Its like saluting the Queen with one and with the other groping her tits" XD XD XD XD XD

Best phrase since Triple C*nted Hooker XD

I guess I do agree with Yahtzee on the "bland character/story" front, but then again, if Nintendo tries to give Link even more of a personality and back-story than in Wind Waker, we could wind up with another Other M. And I'd personally rather run around as a boring mute than have another classic Nintendo franchise so badly mishandled.

Actually, they already tried giving him a personality, and it's worse than that.

Incidentally, you shouldn't knock Skyward Sword yet. Nintendo has noted that Twilight Princess would be the last game to follow the typical (OoT) formula.

In Skyward Sword:
- Dungeons are larger
- Puzzles are harder (and have more solutions)
- Combat is more puzzle-esque
- Difference between a dungeon and field is blurred
- Zelda isn't a princess
- No Ganon
- An actual stamina meter (not that big)
- You don't always have to use the dungeon item to beat the boss (huge change)


As much as haters don't like to admit it, Ocarina of Time did change the entire landscape of the video game industry. Then again, Yahtzee's view on what makes a good game is different from most people, but still no one can deny the impact it's made with the techniques it used. ...Actually, I think Yahtzee pretty much, unintentionally, admitted its impact, because every Zelda game after has emulated it's gameplay style, among other things...

Either way, I can't deny there's really no point to this remake other than raking in money from nostalgic fans, like Yahtzee said. I'd probably get it, maybe... But it's not high on my list, unlike so many other people.

Also, didn't Ocarina of Time have the option to simply press the L button once to have it locked on target? Yes, I'm pretty sure it did, so Yahtzee's complain here is entirely pointless. For shame.

I did like Yahtzee's basic summary of the plot, though. lol

Actually, yeah, Link DID have more personality in The Wind Waker. Let's see more games like that!

Once again, this wasn't a review. This was Yahtzee needing an excuse to say how much he thinks Nintendo sucks like the cynical troll that he is. I probably have bigger hands than him and I can say right now that I had no problem with the L-Trigger. And I'm getting sick of the "Twilight Princess = Big budget OoT" criticism. Speaking from experience, all Twilight Princess has in common are a few references here and there and the usual Forest, Volcano, Undersea and Desert themed dungeons that have been Zelda games since LttP. There's really barely anything in there that makes me say: "Oh it's OoT 2.0"

I'm not gonna lie though, Majora's Mask and Wind Waker are far better than OoT but to say OoT hasn't aged well, is really damn stupid. The original NES Zelda games, now THOSE haven't aged well.

Oh and I can name plenty of N64 games that have aged well you drunken douchebag: Sin & Punishment & Conker's Bad Fur Day for starters.

Finally saying Call of Duty 4 is better than Goldeneye is assinine. To be honest, I wasn't that big into Goldeneye, I prefered Perfect Dark. But even I can tell you CoD isn't better than it because CoD has done nothing spectacular or innovative to deserve it's praise. It's no different than any other FPS out there or even before it. (Don't hate me for being honest)

Yes, I laughed like hell at this video!

Also the "Two in the pink One in the Link" was [Wheatley's voice]very clever.[/Wheatley's voice]

Great review, as always!

I have more concern about skyward swrond since it really looks like it sticks horribly close to the Oot formula, well apart from the slightly ugly art stlye...

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