Trailers: Tekken Hybrid

Tekken Hybrid

Tekken Hybrid packs together the Tekken Blood Vengence 3D film with Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Prologue and Tekken Tag Tournament HD.

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Ahhh just what I need to fuel my guilty pleasure :) I'm defiantly getting this if I find it in stores.


Can't November get any sooner ?

I wish that Devil would have stood still long enough in the tag 2 footage for me to get a good look at his new design.

A sequel to the best fighting game ever, an hd upgrade of the best fighting game ever and a movie in the universe from the best fighting game ever. Count me in!

Unless it's the only way to get the movie (doubtful, but possible), I won't be getting this. I'm a bit too used to current characters and controls to go back to Tekken Tag. That was so far in the past that Jin was still using Mishima Style Fighting Karate.

Who wants the Tekken movie?

ok but how much is it?

An old game + A movie based on something that has virtually no story + A demo for a upcoming title.
I'll pass, particularly if this is going to cost as much as a full priced game.

Tekken Tag Tournament was the first game I bought for PS2 on launch day. I didn't have much money, and I was glad for the solid buy (considering I also got Orphen and that was terribad). I'm tempted to get it for the nostalgia...

Uh oh, I said nostalgia. *covers up* Not the face!

I hope there is more to the Tekken Tag 2 Prologue than just those two characters and that demon thing.
Unsure if I want this or not.

That "prologue" part is worrying me. If it's not the full game, I'm gonna pass without a second look.

Oh, man... Sad day for Tekken fans. The movie SUUUUUUUUUCKED. The worst part... Namco knows it, too. They know it's such a piece of crap that they had to bundle it up with not one, but one and A HALF games. Yeah, that's how bad the movie was.

Namco: "Yeah... we're sorry about the movie. But please watch it. We'll give you a game if you buy it. Please? PLEASE buy it! Here! Take this too! JUST buy this movie! WE LOST SOO MUCH MONEY MAKING IT!!!" :'-(


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