LoadingReadyRun: Fiscal Irresponsibility

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Awesome video is awesome. That fairy really needs to stop following me around though.

Am I the only one who was hallowed by the fairy during the steam sale?
I also have the same fairy humpinh my leg when I visit an art supply shop; "But I already have 6 tubes of Titanium White oil paint..."

I wonder if Ebay has my fiscal irresponsibility fairy on commission? I'm damned if I can resist the allure of free postage and packaging.

I think it's Graham's completely indifferent tone that sells this one for me.

"Go ahead, buy it. It's not like *I* give a fuck either way."

This was another great video. I giggled to myself the whole time. I also was totally rooting for the fiscal irresponsibility fairy the whole time because Lucky Number Sleven is an amazing movie. Give in, Matt!

So my fiscal irresponsibility fairy has been working for Amazon all this time then? I am appalled, fairy.

Graham's entire delivery is top-notch, his best since Ransom I think

This completely misses the funny spot. Sorry, someone had to say it.

We are here today to morn the passing of Fiscal Responsibility Fairy, sadly taken from us by the easy availability of credit, idiotic political brinkmanship and a policy of worldwide financial mismanagement for the last three decades or more.

Potentially my favorite character Graham has done thus far this year... potentially.

It's always great to see your stuff.

For Lucky Number Slevin? That's totally worth it.

Lucy Liu is in it!

Buy two get one free blu-rays actually sounds like a wonderful bargain, also: Scott! Scott! Scott! now I'm slightly angry at the financially responsible person who convinced me not to buy that shirt.

I have to go watch it again. Maybe a 3rd time also. I keep getting hypnotized by that sign.

Hertz range? HERTZ RANGE!?


So we really did get to see Graham dressed as a fairy, as mentioned in the last LRR.

This made me feel a little better about buying stupidly.

And the zinger is the winner here folks // Altho I don't think that shirt was the best idea, made Matt's face weirdly glow pink and clashed with the sign in the background


This seems like something I would have done as a teenager.

It also seems like something I'll probably now do when bored on a Friday night.

My fiscal irresponsibility fairy is the same guy that shows up when I want iced coffee. It hardly counts as coffee and I just make it taste like cream and sugar. He also comes around when I want to watch silly videos at 2am. He is my general irresponsibility/procrastination fairy...And his name is Dave.

For some reason I felt that Graham was channeling Randall Graves from "Clerks" at times during this video. I found the dead-pan delivery, cynical apathy and screwing with other people to be fairly Graves-esque

The stinger turns this vid from somewhat funny to absolutely hilarious ;D

oh man I loved Graham's performance here. was totally riveted to the conversation

and then the ending...wow. BRILLIANT salesmanship!

Do they have Tokyo Drift? Honestly why that movie? That whole franchise is complete garbage unless you happened to be a gearhead and even then there are much better car movies. At least Lucky Number Slevin was a decent movie.

I want to do this to people at stores now. This is bad. But it seems like fun.

A little scary how well they called the collapse of the world.

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