Simian Cinema

Simian Cinema

There's more to primate-based cinema than just giant gorillas.

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A film you missed.

A lost film only know of it's existence from this single surviving poster, it was supposed to of been made by Toho, best know for making Godzilla. Little is known of the film, and it is suggested that all copies were destroyed during the bombing during WW2. Completely losing films was REALLY common at the time, we only have about one third of all films made before 1950, and many the ones we have are in incomplete form (Metrapolist is thought to have about a third to a forth of the film lost), or only exist in one single copy (Thomas Edison's Frankenstein).

referring to the last one: That was a lot of cocaine.

No King Kung Fu? I am disappointed.

So! I just watched Monkey Shines.
It's Romero, I had to try it out.
Not bad. Sort of Freudian, though not in the 'kill your father to fuck your mother' sense. More like Lord of the Flies was Freudian. Kind of made me think of a recent article here about Rousseau vs. Hobbes (and also, in that case, about Red Dead Redemption and Fallout New Vegas). Definitely more on the Hobbes end of things.

Haha, I was at a friend's house talking about our childhoods TV shows with their kids. I broke out Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp and we went to Youtube for some videos. They could not believe their eyes. Kids today....

For "great apes" MovieBob, George of the Jungle is worth a mention for John Cleese's performance. Dare I say it was "primal"?

No mention of Congo? The only ape movie I know of that shows Apes ripping out and eating the eyeballs of the human antagonists?

Hey! Don't be dissin' on Lancelot Link. I've been thinking for a while that it's overdue for a big-screen revival.

Of course, I also want someone to do a big-budget state of the arts special effects feature based on the old TV series UFO. (Still set in the 80s, naturally.)

Another great random list of movies that I have never heard of before this point. I am not really that into monkeys but I think I will check a few of the more cocaine-fueled ones out.

Fun fact: Konga got a release on the Shetland Isles when it first came out (we're not as backward as you might think) and for that release a few posters were made showing Konga smashing up our town of Lerwick. I actually have a copy of it on postcard, pinned on my wardrobe.

Every. Which. Way. But. Loose.

Sheesh, glaring omission much?

Every. Which. Way. But. Loose.

Sheesh, glaring omission much?

Ya wtf. Clint freaking Eastwood, man I am disappoint.

Am I the only one here who saw the title of this post and instantely thought of Ape Escape 3?

Also, good job Bob.

Man , that was so good , I wish it was a "Big Picture" episode -_-

fun read , though. ^^

Dunston Checks In! Ever seen that one, Bob?

Let's not forget the most epic "monkey on the rampage" flick ever, Bob.


Mighty Peking Man is also notable for re-using some Super Inframan footage.

Only a passing mention of Mighty Joe Young? I think it's worth mentioning properly, if only because it's still the most realistic depiction of a giant gorilla yet put to film. Sure, the latest King Kong remake may have had realistic motion-capture animation, but it was still obviously a product of computer imagery. For Mighty Joe Young, the producers combined tasteful use of CGI with plentiful use of animatronics in order to create a giant ape that actually felt like he was a part of the scenes he was in. Many scenes look as if the director simply put a giant gorilla on set. For that alone, it's well worth a watch.

That, and it has Charlize Therone at her eco-friendliest and hottest.

Project X is worth a mention too.

"War of the Gargantuas".


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