Tales from the Table: Chapter 10: A Tale of a Druid and a Barbarian

Chapter 10: A Tale of a Druid and a Barbarian

The Adventures embark upon their quest to find the four magical items to help them defeat Lord Cryson. What perils will they face along the way?

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Poppa's got a brand NEW bag!

I hope they got paid for this episode 'cause they earned it!

Cool effects eh!

Lord Kryton, is that a Red Dwarf reference?

Good to see the smoke monster had found some work after Lost was over eventhough it had to use a different voice (sorry but I had to).
Anyway what was that black object was he holding onto A lipstick or a chess piece? Good episode and oh nice effect with the cat eyes.

Good stuff, the effects and everything were great. I find myself more and more engaged as each episode goes on. Seems like you guys are getting more into the roles as well. Keep it up! I look forward to the next episode.

Good story building. I'm genuinely interested in where this is going.

That was amazing! The roll of 20 cracked me up, good job. But I don't understand why the dark monster thingy had the voice of a beast.

So our druid has self-esteem issues that prevent him from liking a girlfriend who treats him well?

Pretty good episode. The special effects were fairly well done (within the production scale) and I liked the music in the "cave".

"That bitch gave me chocolate!"


The production value on this is amazing. Are all the locations nearby or do you go looking for miles to find suitable scenery?

Rufus and I would get along here. Minstrel? Punch him in the throat!

Love the show want to see more of you since you are all great.

As soon as I saw the treasure I was like "IT'S A TRAP!".

You guys are still doing a grand, enthralling job; keep it up please!

Since when was Rufus the mature and intelligent one?

Nice episode guys, fun stuff all round.

Nice episode I liked it overall, but the running sequences were boring. I really love the switching between the "real life" characters and the in game characters.

After the whole business with Extra Credits, this was exactly what I needed to remind me why I like this site so much. There are loads of brilliant, talented people working here, and they don't deserve to get any less support because of that one unfortunate incident.

I think it's fair to say that Tales from the Table is on its way to becoming one of The Escapist's best shows; it actually reminds me quite a lot of Doomsday Arcade in that regard. It's been getting better and better since they wrote an actual story into the show, and looks set to continue that way. The production values are astonishing for a web series, and that effect with the cat eyes was fantastic.

Keep up the great work!

Since when was Rufus the mature and intelligent one?

Nice episode guys, fun stuff all round.

Since he beat the LARPers in the last episode.

OT: Those are some serious cliff at the beginning. And this show just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work.

I'm really interested in seeing where this is headed and also why he was so standoffish to his girlfriend.

You know...there have been many shows on the Escapist that I've really liked...and they are all gone. Every single one. Except this one. This is the only thing keeping me here...and it is really, really good.

I hope you get paid, that you keep your IP, and that you keep making shows for us.

Wow! What a cool episode. I can't believe Thordin can only turn into a kitten. Pretty cute though.

I really love this show - every time I see it there's something to laugh at and I really like learning more about the characters.

But seriously... why is Thordin such a douche?

lol @ Aardvarks Anonymous.

brilliant :)

"Run, you fool!"
I found that pretty funny.
A lot of stuff is going on, in both worlds, i like that.

Bets on it being a bag of holding or something?

Also, anyone else think Ceredwyn looked a bit ... different in character today? I thought it was a different actress at first. :S

Awesome episode yet again guys!

Awesome episode, as always. Damn that black fog-smokemonster, chasing them.

the new girlfriend gave Ceredwyn chocolate, i like her.

very good episode! a real twist this time :). i like where this is going...

the new girlfriend gave Ceredwyn chocolate, i like her.

Clearly she's trying to turn Ceredwyn into a Fat Princess. That bitch.


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