Unskippable: Dead Space 2

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Dead Space 2

Isaac is back, and he has a voice now. We expect he'll use it to do a lot of screaming.

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i honestly could not see that quick time event

Oh this was great. I loved how they failed that quick time event just to get done with it. Also the failed sex jokes were awesome.

This is the first time I've seen actual gameplay on Unskippable where anything good happened. Clearly it didn't go so well.

i am upset that you missed the "DO-DO" bit of the modem connection

Awesome, I remember them saying on one of the LRRcasts that they planned to do an episode on this.

I also agree that "Dead Space 2: Electric Boogaloo" sounds far more interesting than the actual game.

that was my first reacton to that quick time event to also does that cutscene hurt anyone eyes aswell


"That was pretty much bullshit..."

"Yeah, I'm done with this game"


This was a really pointless cutscene... and why did her eyes glow? And I also wouldnt have seen this quicktime event

No better way to quit a game you hate then dying in the first minute. It reminded me of trying Resonance of Fate...ugh.

i honestly could not see that quick time event

I could. It was, I think, a right stick prompt. But it happened so fast that if I was wrong, I would have totally lost the game at that point.

A good episode overall, but after "Modems....OF THE FUTURE!" Everything else seemed kind of muted.

I found that QTE pretty easy when I played it.

I probably would've died on the QTW the first time around too. I hate QTEs, especially in cutscenes.

Thats the easiest most obvious to see QTE In that game, yo uwanna see hard then try fighting the monstrosity that has glowing babies for knee caps and a baby tounge tentecle piercing

Honestly you guys should have played the scene at the end of this quest where you almost get spaced after a flying APC shoots out the space windows

Ending an Unskippable with a QTE fail... nice.
Hey, as Graham said in the LRR sketch "Job Security":
"Don't blame me, it was a quick time event."

Haha, good thing you were wearing that armour-reinforced straightjacket, eh? Nice of them to issue those to all the patients so they can resist the slapstick craziness of hideous-tentacled-abomination attacks! Real shame it doesn't work on quicktime events, though.

"About your dead girlfriend. Man, is she dead. I mean I'm a doctor, and I've seldom seen a more dead girlfriend."

I loved that line. I think it's because it's just so brutally callous to the guy who's lived through a nightmare that it circles all the way around and becomes hilarious. :)

Having never played these games, I totally though that guy was going to try and keep talking after getting stabbed in the head.

man, the monsters can't even kill a stumbling man in a strait jacket unless he's in a quicktime event.

Their parents would be so disappointed in them.

Somehow, I get the feeling that the last part of the video was just their actual conversation from when they actually played this section for the first time.

And I propose that the sex joke should have been "So does you mom.".

Press A? Move right stick? I only saw the prompt briefly and then it was off screen as his face got hacked off. That looked awful.

Really? The opening of this game has a guy turn into a... Thing... Right in front of you and then you have to run past a whole bunch of... Things... Unarmed... Without being killed? Forget this.

Also, funny episode.

This episode would make a good "What if..." Like "What if Graham and Paul made it through the QTE?"

Also I agree with the headbutting scene. Those hurt, especially at something that looks pointy.

I like thinking that's the entire story, right there. Isaac escapes from the hospital, runs for about a minute, then gets horribly killed because SERIOUSLY HE'S IN A STRAIT JACKET SURROUNDED BY DOZENS OF MONSTERS.

I thought Yahtzee was overreacting when he said that he first thing that happened was that a demon tore his own face of, but nope, that was really what happenned.

So what would that be the 8th time you died?

Have to say, I agree with the reason for quitting, that QTE marker seemed to be half-hidden by Issac's body and the angle of the view for most of the time it was on the screen, and I see now why Yahtzee was irritated by the immediatre lack of subtlety of that transformation right in front of the player.

at the end of the 'therapy' session, Isaac was clearly under the effect of the scarecrow's drug, from Batman Begins :D

And no one ate dinner that night. =<

(Great show, guys. It's always great knowing that you two are always one step a head in the joke department. :"3)

Wow, that was a pretty dark ending.

That was the quickest quick time event ever. I didn't even see the promp. o_O

Two rage quits in a row. This is bad voodoo.

Seemed short - but had many funny moments.
Good show.

I always said Dead Space was pretty much bull shit. Largely because i didn't find the game very scary. I pretty much had the same impression as Graham through the entire game.
Made for some funny jokes though.

Isaac Clarke is... Space Houdini!

what do you mean "quick-time-event"?
wasn't that supposed to happen?

opening of deadspace summed in 30 seconds:

the first time i did that i ran straight into a impassible necromorph....
the second time i survived the quicktime event only to be instant KO'd when you first get the stasis gun and you have to shoot the running necromorph...


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