The Big Picture: The Collar

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The Collar

The real reason Yogi Bear - and so many other cartoon characters - wears a tie.

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I always like to know how things are made and knowing about the collar is awesome!
also I got something to tell people :D
The Lip thing is not that odd to me for some reason.

and now I know where the idea of the above cartoon comes from.

...Those lips... My nightmares have been realized.

Good show as always, can't wait for next week. I love Hanna-Barbera.

silver wolf009:
...Those lips... My nightmares have been realized.

Good show as always, can't wait for next week. I love Hanna-Barbera.

Those lips shall sing the song that brings the end of the world.

Well that was interesting. I can honestly say that I had no idea what the tie was for and I'm going to go tell everyone I know about it until I get annoying :)

Well that was just flat out interesting. Good facts there Bob. Kudos!

Wow. Hannah Barbara must have been geniuses of the time if the norm was how Clutch cargo did it.

Now a days, the whole super imposed mouth is done more as a cheap joke for cartoons like Courage the Cowardly Dog or Spongebob Squarepants.

Those lips remind me way too much of this;

Aha! Now I know.

Pretty good episode. Also, the lips... creepy.

I tip my imaginary hat to you, Mr. Bob. Well, I do have a fedora somewhere in my closes, but I'm sure you appreciate the intention.

I was looking forward to talking about Animation. It is always interesting to see to what lengths people are willing to go to keep budget costs down and cut corners with limited animation. I'd actually heard about it before on TVtropes,but it is nice seeing it reiterated.

Well... that was an interesting piece of trivia.

Quiet an interesting episode, very educational.

That was actually incredibly interesting to hear. I've always sorta wondered how Hannah-Barbera cartoons always carried their weight considering that they did do things like the repeat animations circular backgrounds, but to think that it was all for making such cartoons efficiently and thereby growing into such a huge part of television culture.

I certainly want to hear more on this. :D

bob you say your running low on ideas, how about that death of superman/ cyborg superman stuff you said you would come back to? :P

That was pretty interesting. Where do you hear about some of this stuff?

I am waaayyyyy too interested in this. Seriously, this is bizarrely fascinating.

Ha and I thought the whole collar thing was some kind of political statement. Good to see I'm wrong!
Oh and with that cartoon using the actor real lip the film The Incredibles make a animated short base on that in one of the extras so I aren't so creep out by it (but it's still weird and low budget).

Lord knows Yogi Bear was probably one of the ONLY good properties Hanna-Barbara cranked out.

Then Hollywood happened and turned it all to crap.

I already new the mystery behind Yogi Bear's collar. But I had I hard time explaining it to my dad, so maybe I should sho whim this.

This is a great example of why I keep watching this series. Totally useless trivia that I soak up like a sponge. Great episode, except for one thing...

It's "drawing", not "drawring". Where did you get your weird pronunciation?

The whole cast of TV cartoon characters I think DID get into something of an arms race, at least in terms of who could get the weirdest character on TV and have kids get it. The Schmoo springs to mind, Captain Caveman of course, but Looney Tunes did some pretty impressive wacky toons. Personally I loved their remake of Little Red Riding Hood which was done by someone who had overdosed on acid. :)

My has been blown. Kudos to you sir.

The Great JT:
Lord knows Yogi Bear was probably one of the ONLY good properties Hanna-Barbara cranked out.

Then Hollywood happened and turned it all to crap.


Actually, a lot of the Adult Swim content can be seen as an outgrowth of the old Hanna Barbara stuff, when it's not outright parody or reference like Harvey Birdman or Space Ghost Coast to Coast it's subtle and sometimes not so subtle jibes at the old properties like Johhny Quest or Scooby Doo in The Venture Bros.

Are you going over how Walt Disney and Warner Brothers got into TV animation.

Heh, it's a good thing nobody does this any more. I mean, can you imagine how distracting it would be if you suddenly realised that none of the characters in one your favourite games had necks attached to their heads?

Yeah. My mum ruined Mass Effect for me when she pointed that out...

Bob, you're awesome! Let's talk about animation a little bit more! Please :)

An episode about Yogi's collar? Thats clever stuff. Well done.

Hanna Barbera? Hell yeah! ^^

I don't really regard Gundam and Voltron as "early anime".

Ah yes, my weekly dose of vitamin smart.

Cheers Bob! That was smart, educational and (this time) free of your normal liberal american politics jabs.

That was a very interesting episode. I had no idea that Yogi was actually a floating head.

I'd read somewhere on the internet somebody writing that their mom said LA Noire looked like Clutch Cargo. My dad said the same thing. I'd forgotten about looking it up until just now.

Can it be? Is it true? Did bob make an entire episode of TBP without mentioning comics or transformers? This is amazing!

That mouth effect isn't limited to early tv. There's a modern kid's show called Dirtgirl World where they do that for the eyes and mouths of the main characters. I stumble over it from time to time when looking for something for the kids to watch. The show creeps me to the core.

Another great episode Bob. Can't wait for next week's. I love not knowing what random thing I'm going to be hearing from ya next.

Ahhhh, Clutch Cargo, I remember seeing that in Pulp Fiction. Nice to finally know what the shows called after 13 years of wondering

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