Trailers: Journey - Gamescom Trailer

Journey - Gamescom Trailer

Sometimes a great journey begins with a single step.

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This looks so much more exciting than Fable: The Journey (yes, because they have the sameish name I must compair them. People are eager to compair Guild Wars 2 to SWTOR so why can't I compair these two?).

I hope the gameplay is engaging and deeper than just "walk around a bit".

The animation style reminds me of Spirited Away with 'No-face'. I do love far eastern style games because it's such an alien art style. The creatures from their mythology I'm not entirely farmiluar with so everything feels fresh and new. Unlike the stagnating western fantasy RPG.

I concur, every trailer I've seen makes it look like an open ended platformed than an adventure game. No shots of collecting anything, manipulating anything or fighting anything, just lots of running about.

That. Was. Beautiful.

The music, the aesthetic... just everything.

Why isn't this out already?

I just came.... I want this so badly!

Wow that is a beauty, but it doesn't seem like there is much game to it.

She's just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world...

... What's that? Oh yes, the game. Looks nice; if they keep the aesthetic and the sound this should be worth a look, at least.

well this is definately gorgeous,
but I'm afraid it will be just a boring as flower.


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