Trailers: World of Battleships - Gamescom Trailer

World of Battleships - Gamescom Trailer

Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

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Horrid name coupled with a horrid trailer... a must buy for sure.

Well that trailer sure did show a whole lot of nothing, some actual details would be nice.

The name is ok, since it is part of the trilogy with World of Tanks and World of Airplanes. The three games will share a single economy.

Fail of a trailer = I dunno if that even passes as a teaser XD Ah well, good luck to them, and maybe they could get some gameplay footage out to make a REAl trailer one day?

If there are islands and small-ish boarders, i foresee a lot of camping from behind such islands in an attempt to get a jump on your enemies.

Which means if your attacking you are at a disadvantage.

Just like WoT... hooray...

The first few ship tiers will be interesting, the rest will be painstakingly frustrating.


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